Michigan’s Dave Brandon among nation’s highest

USA Today compiled a list of salaries for 111 of the 120 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision athletic directors, and Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon was ranked as the 13th highest paid person on the list.

According to the database, Brandon earns a total salary of $700,454 per year, with a potential bonus amount of $165,000.

The list includes 10 of the 12 Big Ten Conference schools (Northwestern and Penn State are not included). Among the Big Ten athletic directors listed, Brandon sits third, behind Ohio State’s Gene Smith ($1.058 million annual salary) and Wisconsin’s Barry Alvarez ($1.041 million annual salary).

Vanderbilt’s David Williams is listed as the highest paid athletic director, with an annual total salary number of $2.56 million. Florida’s Jeremy Foley ($1.55 million), Louisville’s Tom Jurich ($1.43 million), Texas’ DeLoss Dodds ($1.096 million) and Smith round out the top five reported salaries.

Louisiana Monroe’s Bobby Staub has the lowest reported annual salary at $109,923.

The list itself was compiled through open records’ requests by USA Today. Private schools with unlisted tax information and public schools that did not list an outside income report were excluded. The excluded schools were Northwestern, Penn State, Brigham Young, Miami (Fla.), Rice, Southern California, Stanford, Temple and Tulane.

Regarding Dave Brandon salary, I found this information:

total compensation at Domino was $3.228 million in 2008, according to Forbes like he working for something other than the paycheck, eh?! I think executive pay is ridiculous, too, but let be realistic. Cheap Jerseys china Athletics are a major part of our culture, like or not (I like it), and this man took a financial beating to return to his alma mater and run a huge athletic program. So far, he has done a great job. I believe he will keep doing so. I glad for it.

The last I heard the annual budget for the athletic department ( self sufficient from the U), was around 110 MM.) So he under 1%, of budget. (That would keep me in beer, all weekend!)

Seriously though, the football team carries ALL the other sports, AND, when successful, leads directly to higher endowments and contributions from alums, to the U academic programs. It a sad commentary on our socieity, BUT, it reality. And thats why our fund raiser in chief, President Colemen was so happy, to bring Davie Brady on board. Does anyone think she really gives a hoot about football? C now. It all about the money stupid.

(By the way, that is why Goodon Gee wiz was brought back to Columbus, and why he Gene Smith just don see any problems at THEosu.) Hmm. Are you paying any attention here, NCAA discipline commitee?

One last thought. In 1969, two men struck an agreement with a handshake, (nothing on paper), and word of honor. Don Canham Bo Shembechler went on, to build one of the most successful marketing/athletic programs in the country. One that has served as the model for athletic departments for 43 years. Now, in 2011 we may be witnessing the beginnings of a great marketing/athletic department. EXCELLENCE.

He gets paid like a corporate CEO, but the most important people the players on the field don get a thin dime. Not now. Most sports, of course, are not money makers. But of those few that are, just think of it. The entertainers will give the hearts to the team, to Brandon, and UM, and this school and the NCAA will never give them a piece of the action. Not now when they wears jerseys, wristbands, helmets, pads, advertising for very rich corporations seeking new young clients. Not later, when the NCAA sells old games and highlight reels for streaming or broadcast. Not ever.

It such an embarrassment that UM needs to do this to get alumni to donate back to our great school and to love the alma mater.

But I suppose I just don get it. For the 22 star players on the major football teams that may or may not be able to generate millions of dollars, they will be fine if they do their time and move on.

Ridiculous comparison. You actually said do people who WORK AT WAL MART get a piece of the pie. Well the NCAA has not deemed them to be EMPLOYEES. The fact remains they ARE employees by every logical definition. As an employee of Wal Mart, I am free to consider a better offer from Target at ANY TIME. As a scholarship athlete, I am not allowed to transfer when and where I want. I am not allowed to say, Michigan State will offer me $10k plus tuition and UM only offered me tuition.

So if you want to consider them employees, you will not get a single ounce of agreement from any member of the athletic department. They keep up the charade that this is an curricular activity.

I wish these papers would actually report the full truth. People have questions why Vandy is paying the AD the highest pay rate. The reason is that they are not paying an athletic director. Vanderbilt, under the leadership of now Ohio State President Gordon Gee disbanded the athletic department in 2003. The athletic department is not a seperate department as it is at other schools. The athletic department is part of the University Affairs Department. David Willaims is not the atheltic director at Vandy. David Willaims, official title from the Vanderbilt Website is :

Chancellor for University Affairs, General Counsel and Secretary of the University; Professor of Law.

His salary as listed is a combination off all of the duties he is titled with.

How is this a surprise? All these AD are paid at an insanely high rate along with the coaches staff of their sports.

stadium noise levels sucks to be you. It doesn enter your mind that the opportunity to contribute to those noise levels 7 Saturdays a year is a leading attribute of UM for top notch high school students in Michigan and around the country when they consider which university to attend? It a great part of the campus experience, and few do it as well as UM. Your bitter tone smacks of someone who felt rejected as a kid and have always held a grudge since, tirelessly working to stop anyone from having any fun because you can Pathetic and sad.

These AD are paid substantially less than what they could make working in the private sector doing a similar job. These AD are running multi million dollar companies. Should the atheltic departments be taxed? That a different discussion. The simple fact is the University of Michigan brings in substantially more money to the City of Ann Arbor than it costs the city. What would Ann Arbor be without the University of Michigan? It would be a little town on the side of the river that people take the train right through without a care in the world. You mention the fact that the football games costs schools. Maybe you need to take a look at the income the AAPS bring in on Football Saturday

They get between 500 and 1000 cars parked on the Pioneer property on a football Saturday. At $20 per car that means the AAPs brings in $10,000 to $20,000 per game day Saturday. This season that is between $80,000 and $160,000 in revenue for the AAPS. Not to bad considering there is not a substantial decline in AAPS services as a result of the games.