Man Knocked Over By Blast Finished the Boston Marathon

ended up second in my division, Bill Iffrig says on The Everett Daily Herald website. you run 26 miles you not going to stop there. NPR commenters said what he did was wrong, and instead he should have others more seriously injured than himself. We just happy to hear he okay and glad he made it over the finish line.

As New Yorkers the events in Boston immediately bring to mind the dark days after September 11, 2001, and in particular how life affirming and bittersweet the New York City Marathon was in November of that year.

Tens of thousands of people ran with USA flags flying, including teams of NYC firefighters and police officers wearing images of fallen comrades on their jerseys.

We cheered and cried for the runners that year, and we do so now for the people of Boston and the marathon runners and their families. wholesale jerseys For so many of us, running is a way to heal, to achieve, and to keep going when life is at its most difficult.

We salute all those who rushed to help after the tragedy, and anyone who can get back up after such an awful event and still get over that finish line.