Even Kanye West joined the conversation earlier this month

Among the early Scottish National Party winners was 20 year old student Mhairi Black, who defeated Douglas Alexander, Labour’s 47 year old foreign policy spokesman and one of its most senior figures. Lawmaker since 13 year old Christopher Monck entered Parliament in 1667. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who resigned after losing his race.

The release of the Louboutin collection comes in the midst of a broader discussion of race and the fashion industry. Before New York Fashion Week last month, former modeling agent Bethann Hardison teamed with former model and makeup executive Iman and supermodel Naomi Campbell for the Fashion Diversity Coalition to release names of designers whose runways lacked diverse models. Even Kanye West joined the conversation earlier this month during his much publicized “rap feud” with late night television host Jimmy Kimmel.

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