NXIVM [also known as Executive Success Programs] teach the concepts of Keith Raniere [above], a man who keeps a harm, punishes his ex-lovers through abusive litigation, allegedly pursued an illegal attempt to imprison women in Mexico, allegedly imprisoned some of his defiant harem members in Albany, had a business that was shut down as a pyramid scheme, has been accused by his former followers of statutory rape, computer hacking, tax evasion, lost or stole $69 million in commodities of other people's money, recommended a $26 million real estate scam using other people's money, falsified his bio, denied the paternity of his own son and claimed he was adopted and did not know who the father was, is accused of being able to brainwash people, is a master of hypnosis and a host of other bizarre and eccentric misdeeds. Followers say he is the most wonderful man in the universe.

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