1Early in 2007 I decided to sell my 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse and open an auto shop. I had about $2500 to start, a small tool box and a moderate amount of car knowledge. In hind sight I knew nothing. My formal training was working on my 1988 Camaro in the driveway and restoring a ‘68 Camaro with my father. When I set out on this journey my plan was to make my money selling cars and supplement that with some small mechanical and collision repair. After about 6 months it was clear that the general public was in search of an honest and easy to deal with car guy. I’ve now spent nearly a decade becoming the very best “car guy “there is. I was on a mission to change how auto repair is done. I wanted to do it with a friendly face, a handshake and a smile. I hated dealing with the grumpy hateful mechanic of old. The guy that was actually angry that you need your car fixed. I treat my customers like family. We talk about our hopes and dreams, our failures and regrets. I like fixing cars, it’s my life because I like helping people. Maybe you haven’t called yet or met us yet but our family always has room for another member.

– Dan


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