Art and Your Home: How to Really Stand Out

There are many reasons why you would add some artistic elements to your home. Whether you live in a contemporary, traditional or non traditional home, one or more artistic elements that grab people’s attention makes your home really stand out and adds some excitement to your décor.

Art for your home can be anything from special photography to sculptures or wallpaper murals, and whatever elements you choose should reflect your personal taste and style. Here are a few ways to use art to make your home really stand out:

Use Your Mantle as an Easel

A mantle is typically a place that holds everything from candles to photographs and is a great place to showcase the work of an artist you love. Display glassware, ceramic pieces or sculptures from an artist that features texture, color depth and imagination.

Use the Largest Wall for an Oversized Statement Piece

Whether it’s one large painting or a collage of images from your favorite photographer, you’ll add interest and depth to the room. Choose a piece or several pieces that capture your attention with contrasting or bold colors, artistic style or a subject that speaks to you.

Add a Centerpiece

A centerpiece can be the ideal place for a statement piece on a coffee table in the family room or center table in the entrance or kitchen. Centerpieces can be almost anything from a floral arrangement to a glass sculpture. Whatever you choose, include design elements to make it unique.

Add a Statement Piece to the Center of the Living Area

Most homes have a coffee table placed in the middle of the living or family room, so why not make it a conversation piece. Instead of a traditional wooden table, experiment with a shadowbox table holding some pieces you’ve collected over the years, a vintage cart that you can easily put drinks on or a uniquely shaped, oversized piece of wood with unusual textures and colors and a sturdy piece of glass on top.

Use Lighting to Make an Artistic Statement

Regardless whether you prefer glass, metal or wood, lighting can be a remarkable form of art. The light fixture itself, the color or cut of shades, or even the unusual shadows on the wall are all places where lighting can make your home stand out.

Wind Chimes, Spinners and Garden Bells

The interior of your home isn’t the only place where you can use artistic elements to make a statement. The outside provides plenty of unique opportunities to add more creative elements. Many people use wind chimes as a decorative element, but there are other options. Metallic sculptures and spinners moving gently in the breeze and brightly colored garden bells not only add a unique look but soft music to your outdoor area.

Adding creative elements to your home is just the first step, In order for it to stand out, you need to ensure there’s adequate lighting. If necessary, use colored bulbs to accentuate the top qualities of each piece.

With endless options, adding a statement piece is an exciting process. If the piece stands out, it will quickly become a conversation piece whenever you entertain, so be sure it’s something you enjoy talking about.

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