Dr. Marti Peterson designed her office to be fun for children.

Dr. Marti Peterson, DDS


For Dr. Marti Peterson, Pediatric Dentistry is not just a career, it’s a mission. “Excellent dental care should be available to all children no matter where they live or what kind of insurance they carry, if any”, Dr. Marti explains.

After a successful career at Women and Children’s Hospital dental clinic, Dr. Marti launched the popular Just4me Pediatric Dentistry in Getzville in 2011.  She opened a new location at 160 Elmwood Avenue in Allentown. In April of this year, she was excited to open her second location here in the City of Buffalo on Elmwood Avenue. Her venture in Buffalo was motivated by her concern that the city is underserved. “So many kids are not getting their dental needs taken care of in a timely manner, which is resulting In dental pain for these children. “ Some patients have the time and finances to drive to Getzville for the dental services, their children require, but many cannot”, she explains.  Residents of Buffalo appreciate good quality service for their children and Just4Me Pediatric Dentistry brings that service back to the city.


The beach themed lobby, family oriented office spaces and murals that range from super hero to aquatic themes, are all designed to put the child patient at ease, while at the same time fitting right in with the artistic nature that we all love in the historic Elmwood Village. Girls get their nails painted after their appointment and the boy’s examination room is painted with local sports mascots and team logos. Going to the dentist should be fun, not scary, and the kids sure are having fun while learning how to take care of their teeth.

Dr. Marti encourages the parents to participate with their child’s care. “No parent should be asked to leave their child and wait in the waiting room while treatment is done. Its important that parents learn with the child the difference between baby teeth and adult teeth”, states Dr. Marti. “If we monitor the development and growth of the child’s dentition every 6 months, we can determine treatment needs before it’s too late and save parents money and children from delayed or unnecessary room treatment.” School age children are now required to have dental checkups prior to entering Pre K, Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th grade

The American Pediatric Association and most pediatricians in the Buffalo area, recommend that a child’s first dentist visit begins by the age of one. Dr. Marti says this appointment is such an important visit.  It is at this appointment they discuss habits, development, nutrition and so many other issues related to their child’s teeth. “We want our parents informed so there are no surprises and we defiantly do not want trauma to be their child’s first visit.”  If a child has trauma to their teeth or mouth or has facial cellulitis or pain in a tooth Dr. Marti says it’s important to call right away. Her office has 24 hour emergency services and a hygienist on call if her parents have any concerns or questions that need answers right away.

Just 4 Me offers Nitrous Oxide and General Anesthesia appointments at Woman and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. The office participates with many insurance plans including all Medicaid and Child Health Plus Plans. Please feel free to stop by or call the office at 716-436-2130 to set up an appointment!

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