Smart Home Improvement Starts in the Kitchen

When you renovate your kitchen, you have to have a plan. Chances are you have a whole list of things that you want to change and a whole list of things that you need to change. Obviously, a kitchen renovation is something that will add value to a home, and even more important, it’s a great way to change the overall look of a kitchen. If you are looking for ideas on changing your kitchen aesthetics or functions, consider these 4 kitchen renovations for your next project.

Cabinets and Countertops

Now, depending on if you are doing this on a budget or you can just spend whatever you want to spend, there are two ways to go about this and two very different plans that you can consider.

DIY Cabinets and Countertops: if you are doing this on your own and on a budget, you can start thinking about reusing the cabinets you have now. Cabinets can actually be sanded down and painted or re-stained the color you want. This will change the overall look and feel of the cabinets, but it will also make them look newer, even though underneath it all they are still the same. For counter tops on a budget, consider some materials that are budget friendly. These might not be the best of the best when it comes to durability and maintenance, but they are budget friendly nonetheless. Some materials to consider are; Formica, Laminate and butcher blocks.

Regular Kitchen Renovation: If money is no object and you want the best of the best, you should STILL consider redoing your kitchen cabinets because they will allow you to still keep a piece of the original kitchen intact. For your kitchen countertops consider something durable, luxurious and aesthetically pleasing to the eye like granite, marble, stone or quartz.

Flooring Materials Available For Kitchen Renovation

Flooring can change a kitchen dramatically. There are so many different options available to you, so material to consider for either budget friendly and luxurious expenditures is porcelain tile and hardwood flooring. Porcelain tile in kitchen renovation is a great option in comparison to a standard ceramic tile and if you are after a luxurious expenditures than give hardwood flooring a shot, remember to check out sites like TileMarkets and HGTV for your budget friendly and luxurious expenditures for your kitchen renovation.


Changing The Lighting In A Room

it might seem obvious and yet so many people pass up the lighting features in their kitchens. A few ideas for kitchen remodelling;

1- use recessed lighting in the ceiling with a dimmer switch. This is a really great idea for people that love to cook in the kitchen and want to shed some light on what they are doing, but they also want to control the lightness or darkness of the light.

2- Add in under the counter lighting. This can really add depth and ambiance to a kitchen.

3- Add in pendant lights above the island. Islands can be a focus point in any kitchen, but in order to attract people’s attention to it, you have to go bold or go home. Adding pendant lights above an island is not only super trendy, but it adds to the focal point of the kitchen and its functional.

Adding New Sinks and Faucets To Your Kitchen

Well, kitchen renovation is incomplete without changing sinks and faucets since they can get out-dated, grimy over the years, scratched, and they can also fade. So as we know many of the homes don’t have these really nice sinks and faucets, they have something like stainless steel which is boring and cold. Start thinking about adding a large farmers sink, composite sink made from crushed granite or quartz or even a fireclay sink and make sure that you match it up with a pretty, luxurious, and functional faucet too.

All 4 of these are amazing options to consider when renovating your kitchen.  Remember to look at trends going on right now, but also remember to create a kitchen that YOU will actually enjoy spending time in.  If you like to cook, make sure the materials and products you use are cook-friendly.  If you like to entertain, make sure that you have a lot of seating, ambient lighting, and a comfortable floor.



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