Black Rock – NYS’s Most Politically Active Area!

By John Duke:

The corner of Grant and Amherst Streets has become a cross roads of political intrigue… This year the Polish Cadets will host Buffalo’s favorite Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 1st, with everybody invited!


This summer, if you went for less than a one minute drive up Amherst Street from Grant Street (TOPS Market) to Bridgeman Street (Wegman’s) you would have traveled through New York State’s most politically active area, especially in regards to the NYS Senate and even more importantly the NYS Budget! NYS taxes Wall Street and NYS’s budget is $150 billion. To break it down, NYS spends $580 million dollars a day and control of that money is what’s at stake on Amherst Street.


Here is how the location of the battleground happened: At the request of The First Amendment Club on Bridgeman Street, The Polish Cadets on Grant Street, a civic organization that never gets involved in political squabbles’, agreed to play host to meetings of non-political environmentalists. This was followed by Buffalo for Bernie (Sanders) opening it’s headquarters across the street on Amherst Street. Which was then followed by democratic state senate candidate Amber Small opening a campaign headquarters just up the block on Amherst Street. Simple enough, the four groups were in walking distance of Downtown Black Rock, which is Casey’s Tavern but also includes Hot Mama’s Cantina, the Dapper Goose and the ever famous Sportsman Tavern, second home of the Steam Donkey’s, just to name a few.


Then somehow, a Green Party Sect took over the Polish Cadets environmental meetings and played patsy for democrat Small, launching NYS Supreme Court trials, Board of Election hearings and a Green Party Ideological Purity Tribunal against senate candidate James DePasquale. The First Amendment Club endorsed former State Senator Al Coppola in the democratic primary and urged all democrats to write in Bernie Sanders name in the November elections because they are both honest. The First Amendment Club is now endorsing enviromentalist Jim DePasquale of local Roc-Mar/Mil-Sher fame, against Amber Small.


DePasquale is a new comer to WNY’s world of rough and tumble politics. He is an environmentalist, not known for politics. However he did campaign for Judy Einach, Kevin Gaughan and Mike Kuzma. DePasquale decided to campaign from the Green Party line when no one else did. Basically he’s a one issue candidate who hopes to clean Hoyt Lake. According to DePasquale, “ he is the only candidate who can win this year without being elected if he is able to focus the other candidates attention on the environmental disaster Hoyt Lake has become over the last thirty five years. State senator after state senator as well as mayor after mayor have promised to clean Hoyt Lake and then each forget their promises once elected.” DePasquale was shocked that the Small campaign was willing to throw so many first stones without any facts.


Presently, Democratic Party over reach is trying to control the Green Party.  The Dems are attempting to stop environmentalist James DePasquale from running on the Green line in the 60th State Senate District. At the behest of the Small campaign, 7 Green party members held a Green Party Ideological Purity Tribunal. A mock trial with a pre-determined verdict was held in the office of attorney Frank Housh. Previously, Housh tried to stop DePasquale from campaigning in a hearing at the Board of Elections and NYS Supreme Court. Housh was paid $1,000.00 by Small on August 9, 2016. The person who made a claim for a tribunal against DePasquale, is Amanda Huber, a resident of the 59th District, not the 60th. Amanda Huber was paid $750.00 by Small on August 15, 2016.

Until about a year ago the leadership of the local Green Party was very successful.  It was lead by the very capable Eric Jones. The Greens were advancing on all fronts.  Jones was instrumental in organizing the Stop Fracking movement and brought Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins to Buffalo twice. Now with Amber Small’s attempt to remove the Green Party Line from the general election, chaos reigns supreme. You have to wonder if more “green” than we know was involved. It’ll definitely be looked into.


Next Week: The NYS Supreme Court Hearings – The Fourth Bite of the Apple…

Followed by: The Counter Suits – will DePasquale Strike Back?






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  • John Duke: Why do you think Amber Small is looking so fat and puffy? On steroids for a medical condition?

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  • Registered as a Green a few weeks prior and had Republicans carry his petition. Sounds like a true Green party member to me! /s

  • How would I go about contacting Mr. DePesquale? How come when I was asked to sign his nominating petition, carried by Republicans, there was no mention of cleaning Hoyt Lake, when I asked what issues he supports?