Graphic Traffic: Astronauts in trouble

By Larry Young (Author) and Charlie Adlard (Illustrator)
Image Comics (Publisher)
Review by Joe Tell.
Astronauts in Trouble combines elements of sci-fi with plenty of exciting action into a unique take on the space race. The book combines the three original comic book storylines – “Live From The Moon,” “Space 1959” and “One Shot, One Beer” – into one graphic novel. Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) provides the detailed art that brings the characters to life on the black-and-white printed pages. “Live From The Moon” follows a media crew as they embark on a private mission to the moon. The very intense and chaotic storyline is filled with many unexpected twists and turns. Next up is the “Space 1959” narrative, which is filled with humor and murderous intrigue, with a focus on the origins of the space program and the dawn of televised media. “One Shot, One Beer” eavesdrops on some astronauts as they swap some tall tales over a few drinks. It’s interesting to note that the bar in the story happens to be located on the moon and owned by a humorous robot. A couple of the stories relate back to the previous narratives, bringing them all together. Astronauts in Trouble is sure to please fans of astronauts, robots, rockets, science fiction and space travel.