Reformer and award winning journalist, Kristy Mazurek, for Assembly

Kristy Mazurek, the award winning journalist whose career spanned decades in a half dozen American media markets until a struggle with ovarian cancer forced her from her job as a leading news anchor in Atlanta, is waging an aggressive campaign for New York State Assembly against a candidate recruited by Erie County Democrat Party headquarters.

A formidable political contender with fundraising prowess and a network of supporters, Mazurek has been involved in local politics since she was a child – when her father, Henry Mazurek, represented the East Side’s historic Polonia neighborhood on the County Legislature. Kristy Mazurek is a Cheektowaga resident and Chairperson of the town’s Polish Heritage Festival.

Monica Wallace opposes Mazurak in the Democratic primary which will he held on Sept .13th.

Mazurek has strong name recognition attributable in part to her time as a local television personality and news journalist. In recent years she hosted 2sides on WGRZ Channel 2, a political talk show with co-hosts Stefan Mychajliw, Joel Giambra, Bill O’Laughlin, and Michael Caputo.

Erie County Democratic Party headquarters, and a political action committee have been executing – purportedly without coordination – an aggressive negative campaign against Mazurak. Some of the attack has focused on her business and political relationship with Steve Pigeon, who was recently indicted by Attorney General Eric Schniederman, who some are saying is a case tainted with political overtones.

Mazurek has maintained that she is a loyal friend, that Pigeon is innocent until proven guilty and that she is the candidate, not Pigeon and that she should be judged on her merits.

“I stand by my friends, family and my community, and without political calculations,” said Mazurek.

Despite the barrage of negative attacks, Mazurek has chosen to keep her campaign positive and speaks with respect of the woman who is running against her.

Mazurek supporters speculate that the negative attacks ads may actually backfire — especially with women voters and senior citizens, many of whom know her and her family. Her determination in facing cancer and winning and courage in speaking out against the sexual harassment taking place in the office of former Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, has endeared her to women voters.

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  • No mention of her past “official” associations with Pigeon et al concerning dirty PAC’s and PAC money, discrepancies in reporting and all that?
    But yes…this is Cheektowaga. First requirement is a Polish name. Second comes in as being on the Dem. line. Vlad the Impaler might just be close enough though.

  • More mentions of her affliction than at a Roswell presser. How does it affect her ability to be a legislator?

  • Dear mysterious author, could you please cite specific instances of KM speaking with respect about her opponent? Also, you need to do some fact checking – Wallace was not recruited by ECDC. Wallace initiated her own campaign and then sought ECDC’s endorsement.

  • Kristy should run as far away from Pigeon as she could! Does she really need to immerse herself in that cesspool called Albany? With the constant frat party scene which may be all-too-tempting for a person known to knock back quite a few? Pigeon woos people like Kristy, feeding off their energy like a vampire, without a care in the world for the consequences on that person. As a cancer survivor Kristy is taking a real risk in such a hard-charging party like it’s 1999 kind of lifestyle. I’ve watched her and admire her but worry that Pigeon may lead to her real end. With so much research coming out linking heavy alcohol consumption to cancer – or a reoccurrence – such a lifestyle that Kristy leads is problematic. I’ve seen far too many friends who just could not give up booze, being diagnosed with cancer, leading to their death at a young age. I worry that this crazy party-filled political high-rolling may do the same in this case. Is politics really worth it? NO!