By Bryan K Vaughn (Author) and Marcos Martin (Illustrator)

Image Comics Inc. (Publisher)

Reviewed by Jack Dumpert.

Spanish artist Marcos Martin told the website, “As an exercise for all reviewers, I’d propose they start by dropping the habit of structuring their reviews in two parts, where they discuss the story, plot and dialogue in the first half and leave a second half to go over the art…”  Here at Graphic Traffic we aim to please. In the case of “The Private Eye” that’s easy because Martin’s dynamic art is the best part. He draws in the European style, realistic and proportional with a hint of cartoon that underscores that it is illustration.  In this mashup of California noir and sci-fi, veteran writer Brian K. Vaughn’s loopy premise – decades in the future everyone will have a secret identity and no one will go out in public without their disguise – provides Martin the opportunity to design hundreds of wildly imaginative costumes. “The Private Eye” originally appeared online in landscape format. The conventions of graphic fiction are in portrait format. Martin successfully surmounts the challenge of reconceiving how a story flows across a page. The vibrant coloring is provided by Martin’s partner, Muntsa Vicente. May their life together be as successful as their collaboration is here.

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