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Individual Perspective with Thematic Design

There are some people who want to create a cookie-cutter décor that feels in-step with those around them or the people they stylistically admire. Then there are the people who thrive in creating their own style and revel in personifying their beliefs and interests. They want to stand out and enjoy finding new and innovative ways in which to do so. One of the best ways to do this within the home is to focus on style elements that are personally relevant and use them in creating a personal thematic design.

skull-bedGothic Fairytale

Gothic style tends to be misunderstood and seen as dark and oppressive when in reality it has layers of romance and fantasy that are more mature than that of traditional fairytales. It is rich and lush and has many stylistic variants that make it accessible and customizable to personal preference.

For instance, the inclusion of skulls is common in gothic décor but the way in which they are included and the artistic style selected may vary significantly. Bedding sets can be romantic, ethereal, or even morbid depending on what speaks to the person.

Steampunk Innovation

The steampunk revolution has become so popular because it brings back the excitement, romance, and extravagance of technological advancement. It blends the mundane with the extraordinary in ways that feel indulgent and lush to those accustomed to the harsh lines of the modern era.

Creating a theme around this movement is an exciting prospect. There are so many ways to go and rooms where it can be applied. A steampunk themed living room can be painted with dark colors and windows finished with thick velvet drapes. Alternatively, it could have light Victorian wallpaper and industrial window treatments. As with the gothic fairytale style, the details are entirely customizable.

Wilderness Oasis

Others may feel they are more at home in nature than in their own home. For those people, a décor that is built entirely around natural elements can create an indoor wilderness oasis that will simultaneously invigorate and restore the residents.

To do this it is important to incorporate as many natural elements as possible into the design. However, the types of elements selected will be as unique as the individual making the selections. Someone who enjoys hiking in the forest will choose dramatically different items from the person who prefers escaping to the beach.

It doesn’t matter which natural environment most resonates with you, only that you focus entirely in recreating that feeling within the room you are designing. Choose the colors, textures, and patterns that are similar to those that are experienced when visiting a specific location and building from there.

There is no reason that each room of your home needs to look like something that could be replaced with a room from any other home in your neighborhood. It isn’t even necessary for each room in the house to be stylistically similar to the others. The only thing necessary for a room to be immaculately decorated and styled is for the vision of that room to be crystal clear during the design process. Follow your passions and design a room, or many rooms, to reflect them.

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