Always Blame A Non-Governmental Scapegoat

In my book, Progressivsm:  A Primer, I cracked the code of the progressive mindset that has ruled and ruined America over the last several decades.  Progressives are loath to admit that any government program failed and instead are on an endless search for non-governmental scapegoats.

Just this morning, TWC news had a story featuring City of Buffalo officials scapegoating citizens for a recent increase in shootings.  The darn fools won’t call the police to volunteer to testify against their violent neighbors.  That’s why there is so much violence in the inner city.

It’s not the welfare state leading to a break-up of the family unit leading to its replacement by gangs.  It’s not government schools, the war on drugs, or the complete strangulation of the economy by massive taxes and inscrutable regulations turning the inner city into an economic dead zone and leading to depair and desperation.

No, all will be well folks if you just pick up the phone the next time you see youngsters out front shooting each other.

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James Ostrowski


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  • We have a new bogeyman this week – “neo-nazis” and the “alt-right.” The Buffalo News, along with America’s entire corporate, main-stream media has been harping on the threat from these fictional monsters, just like Mao pushed everyone to find “rightists and saboteurs” under every rock.

    do the sheep ever get tired of constantly being pushed from fear to fear – Russia, global-warming, neo-nazis? It never ends.

  • If your book is going to sell I hope it contains more than this standard neo-con fat chewing.