Part 3: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Low Cal Diet Helps Slaves Receive Energy From Master Raniere

Before: Allison Mack before going on the diet prescribed by her mentor Keith Raniere.


After: Miss Mack after following the special diet prescribed for her and other women by Mr. Raniere.


By Frank Parlato

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

According to sources:

As reported in this series, Albany self-help teacher Keith Raniere and actress Allison Mack founded a secretive women’s group called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] which uses a cauterizing scalpel to brand women on their pubic region with their initials K-R-A-M.

DOS women make a lifetime commitment called “The Vow” to follow Mr. Raniere and DOS offers its exclusively female membership instructions based on the teachings of Mr. Raniere. As part of the vow, they eat and sleep as permitted by Mr. Raniere, as supervised by Miss Mack.

Dietary considerations play a vital role in Mr. Raniere’s teachings. The presence of excess fat can disturb transmission of Mr. Raniere’s subtle energies to the women. He requires female students to be vegetarian and offers instructions on overcoming bodily urges and “emotional viscera” toward food.

DOS women are aided by one of three diets, separated by daily caloric intakes: 500,[advanced] 800 [standard] 900 [women with defiance issues].

Miss Mack was on an 800 calorie diet for an extended period then switched to the 500 calorie diet. She helps oversee dietary compliance of the other women.

In general terms, the ‘Raniere Diet’ for women consists of a modest portion of plain yogurt and fruit in the morning. Lunch and dinner consist of a choice of items including plain squash, kale, cucumber, zucchini, and fermented cabbage and radish [Kimchi], and shirataki noodles [10 calories per 4-ounce serving.] Beverages consist of lemon water with stevia, probiotics and Zevias, a calorie free sparkling water.

In addition, Mr. Raniere instructs students to periodically fast on a beverage of water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice which he calls the “Master Cleanse.”

Mr. Raniere, who teaches he is beyond all need for dietary restrictions for himself, is generally a vegetarian, but sources say he eats meat on occasion. One source said he is fond of the 100 percent American beef hamburgers served at Hooters, a restaurant chain, and named the specific restaurant which he favored with his patronage. During visits there Mr. Raniere went by the assumed name of “Queef.”

Mr. Raniere teaches female students that his physical body is “a manifestation of universal cause and effect” and that the women are “physical embodiments of his own body.”

Barbara Bouchey, who defected from Mr. Raniere in 2009, testified in a lawsuit that Mr. Raniere teaches that he develops an intense and supernatural closeness with  female students. The connection is so deep that if a female student takes drugs or alcohol, eats meat or fish, had a “negative reaction to him”, it could have a “negative effect” on him which could take his “life force” and “rob him of years of his life.”

Keith Raniere teaches that he is beyond dietary considerations.


In addition to diet, Mr. Raniere’s students are guided to sleep less. They have been informed that Mr. Raniere has largely dispensed with the need for sleep and are required to ask permission to sleep and must awaken at any time and remain awake at the call of Mr. Raniere or Miss Mack.

Failure to comply comes with corporal punishment which is typically a vigorous paddling on the bare buttocks of the offending DOS female.

How much sleep Mr. Raniere himself enjoys is a matter of conjecture. It appears he is awake during the night since multiple sources attest he does most of his teaching on a one on one basis with women during the night and into early morning at their private residences.

He is generally unavailable during much of the day.  Several women who defected from Mr. Raniere claims he sleeps during the day.

“This is bullshit that Keith never sleeps—Keith sleeps all day long,” said Toni Natalie, who once lived with Mr. Raniere.

Kristen Keeffe, who is the mother of Mr. Raniere’s child, and lived with him for more than a decade, said some time ago, “He sleeps in the day. And has sex with women all night.”

Several of his female students say they believe he may spend the daytime in deep transcendental communion with cosmic realities.

While Mr. Raniere rarely makes public appearances, he often selects a female student to accompany him on early morning or evenings walks in the Knox Woods subdivision where he lives.

One source said that it is not uncommon for female students to look out their windows to see if Mr. Raniere is strolling by and with whom. Miss Mack has been heard to anxiously ask if anyone has seen Mr. Raniere, after he has absented himself from her for a period of more than a week.

Mr. Raniere can be viewed by approved female students when he plays late night volleyball at Hayner’s Sports Barn on Rt. 236 in Half Moon across from the town hall, which has been rented after hours by Mr. Raniere’s students for his enjoyment.

Miss Mack lost considerable “excess” weight on her 500 calorie diet.


Miss Mack [left] formerly ate as she pleased and drank alcoholic beverages. After becoming a follower of Mr. Raniere she requires his permission to imbibe. Mr. Raniere has guided her into a 500 calorie diet.