The Dossier Project are down to six with Nicky Clyne's departure from NXIVM.
The Dossier Project are down to six with Nicky Clyne's departure from NXIVM.
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Nicki Clyne Leaves DOS, Dossier Project announces

The Dossier Project members released a video titled "Nicki Clyne Denounces Keith Raniere: The Dossier Project Responds," but avoided Clyne's allegations.

This article first appeared on Frank Report on March 28, 2023.

The six remaining members of the Dossier Project released a video on YouTube entitled: “‼️ Nicki Clyne Denounces Keith Raniere: The Dossier Project Responds ‼️”

Dossier Project
(Clockwise L to R) Leah Mottishaw, Michele Hatchette, Danielle Roberts, Angelica Hinojos, Sahajo Haertel, and Linda Chung

They did not respond directly to Clyne’s statement about Keith Raniere published in the Frank Report. In her statement, Clyne claims DOS founder Keith Raniere treated her deceptively and despicably.

The six women avoided Clyne’s claims of abuse

They did inform the public that Clyne shut down the Dossier Project website and YouTube channel, which were in Clyne’s name, without their or Raniere’s permission.

Following this, the Dossier 6 took turns reciting the DOS “manifesto.”

In the video, it appears Grandmaster Raniere elevated Michele Hatchette as the new leader of the DOSsier Project.

The other five women are all grand slaves of Raniere: Leah Motishaw, Linda Chung, Sahajo Haertel, Angelica Hinojos, and Danielle Roberts.

The tone is somber. The women look grave. They announce Clyne is no longer part of their project.

Keith Raniere [above] devised DOS. Two women in Dossier sport Raniere’s initials on a brand on their groins. Danielle Roberts lost her medical license largely because she branded women without disclosing that the brand was secretly Raniere’s initials.

In a move of intrepidity, the Dossier 6 seem ready to take on the highly controversial front role that Clyne took – ready to take the barrage of criticism that comes with continuing the master slave blackmail and branding secret sorority led by a man.

Here is the transcript of Michele Hatchette’s speech in the video:

Michele Hatchette

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Dossier Project. We’re going to revisit the manifesto we published two years ago, but first we have an important correction regarding a notice on our website. The website currently states that the Dossier Project is no longer active. This is inaccurate. The project is active, but our membership has changed.

It seems that Nicki Clyne has decided to withdraw from the Dossier Project. Today is Monday March 27th. Over the past weekend, Nicki has told us that she has had a change in perspective about Keith Raniere, and she no longer supports him.

Yesterday, March 26, she reached out to us here at the Dossier Project, saying she had deactivated our social media accounts plus the website. She turned our Instagram and Twitter accounts to private. She updated our website to say we are no longer active, and she changed the password to our Google account. She also locked our YouTube account so we don’t have access to any of the videos we’ve recorded over the last three years.

She did this without consulting us, and we wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are active. Although we are changed, we have since returned our Twitter and Instagram accounts to ‘public’, and we are working with Nicki to regain access to make the website current. We hope to meet her soon, so we can put the website back online and minimize any interruption or inconvenience for our website visitors we really make this announcement with very heavy hearts because Nicki has brought such sensitivity humor and care to this project. She was the original initiator of the Dossier Project, and she brought us together. We will always be thankful for her and will sorely miss her presence and her insights here with us.

We don’t fully understand Nicki’s reasons for leaving, but we fully support Nicki as a person. Please let us be clear: this group has nothing to do with whether any of us support Keith Raniere. We originally came together to tell our stories, because our voices were not represented in the salacious media coverage of NXIVM and DOS. We have stayed together because we strongly align in our beliefs about women’s empowerment. We also happen to be really great friends. We’ve had a beautiful recognition that this project is bigger than any one of us individually, so even though there are ebbs and flows to the composition of who makes it to our calls, the project lives on. The essential core of the Dossier Project is represented in our Manifesto, and we want to revisit that by reading it today.

The women then proudly recited the DOS manifesto:


Number one:

We believe in women’s agency that women have as much free will and responsibility as men, and possess the equal right to experience the effect of their choices.

Number two

We believe in accountability and compassion, irrespective of gender, race or social class.

Number three

We believe all people have the right to make bold commitments and be accepted and to accept the constraints and consequences of their commitments.

Number four

We believe that true freedom is beyond the body and achieved through a commitment to one’s own mortality and guiding principles.

Number five

We believe that truth should never be sacrificed to gain approval or conform to the conventions of society.

Number six

We believe in women’s empowerment through personal responsibility and self-reliance and that victim mentality leads to self-imprisonment and the infantilization of women.

Number seven

We believe strength of character is built through acts of discipline self-restraint, introspection, compassion, and care.

Number eight

We believe in honoring each person’s humanity over appearance, behavior, beliefs, or perceived differences.

Number nine

We believe civil discourse that challenges societal taboos is necessary for progress and evolving from antiquated superstitious and prejudicial beliefs.

Number ten

We believe that a network of strong, successful and trustworthy women will inevitably lead to a more ethical and loving world.

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