Naomi Watts, Stella McCartney and Kate Hudson at a Metropolitan Museum of Art opening.
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Why Becoming a Patron of the Arts is Critical for Finance Professionals

Finance experts may understand business ledgers better than they can ever understand Rembrandt’s finest paintings, but they still enjoy viewing them. The world of finance is always filled with change so there is a certain peace that comes with supporting and enjoying the arts. You will find online master of science in finance degree holders at art galas, gallery openings, art museums, and even in the homes of modern artists regularly. Simply put, members of the finance world like to mingle with artists and other patrons because it gives them a chance to relax while also helping them to network. You can meet foreign diplomats, quirky musicians, and Northeastern University graduates at the opening of a new art gallery more easily than most other places. If you work in finance and you’ve been considering widening your social and professional circles, here’s why you should become a patron of the arts.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Patriots QB Tom Brady at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Why So Many Finance Experts Are Supporters of the Arts

You might have a lot of creativity running through your veins if you work in the financial field full-time. Although there’s a lot of number crunching and coffee drinking involved in being a financial expert, there are times when thinking with the right side of your brain is beneficial. When you were finishing your online finance masters degree did you ever have to use art and general creativity solve your problems? It is likely that you also enjoyed music while doing your homework and watched movies when you needed to take your mind off an upcoming test. Finance professionals are drawn to the arts because they are vibrantly exciting and outside of the norm of their everyday lives.

What You Can Get Out of Being an Art Patron

If you start volunteering, supporting, and getting involved in the arts you will learn about private events that you can attend during your free time. These events are not only exclusive, they are varied. Some art-based events will require you to put on your best evening gown or tuxedo while others will be open to those in sweats and t-shirts. Fun discoveries will be made as you are offered trays of gourmet cheese and expensive wine, but most of all you’ll be encouraged to socialize. Unexpectedly, you may run into someone you already know that can introduce you to other supporters of the arts.

A casual NYC art opening

Making Connections as a Patron of the Arts

Those who donate to art museums may be invited to come out on a Saturday morning hours before the venue opens. Only a handful of important people can come to these types of events and they will be wanting to speak to others with common interests. If art is a passion of yours then you will build relationships with other supporters of the arts with ease. You’ll make friends and partnerships with people who are into the same things.

If you’d rather go to an art gallery than a baseball game then you should become a patron. You can mentor recent art school graduates and help them with managing their money. Alternatively, other arts patrons just enjoy social events that bring various professionals together in the world of art.