The 5 Most Popular Degree Courses Revealed

The most popular degree courses are usually popular for a reason. They are usually highly paid careers that have a lot of opportunities and openings and are in demand. Although some people think choosing a popular degree can mean more competition, this is not always the case. Below are the five most popular degree courses and why they have been given that title.

Business Administration and Management

A degree in business administration and management can land you a career in almost any field or specialty you wish to pursue. It can further your career if you already have a job in the business admiration field and help you climb the career ladder further. It can also give you knowledge and understanding to run your own business, as this becomes an increasingly popular thing to pursue with social media and the internet making selling and buying things as easy as the click of a button.




The need for nurses will never perish and as the population continues to get older as our healthcare systems advance, the need for nurses will continue to grow. A nurse needs to be compassionate and have empathy, and although it can be a very hard career path to go down, it is one of the most popular due to the rewards you get from it. You can look after all age ranges or specialize in a certain group such as pediatric. With nursing, there are plenty of opportunities to branch out.



Working in the criminal justice system takes skill and knowledge and you need great interpersonal skills as you will be talking with clients, judges and other lawyers. Whether you wish to be a lawyer or work in forensics, the law has many opportunities depending on your skill set and preferences. SDSU Law School offers an affordable degree with a high employment rate. Online study is faster, cheaper and more flexible, so it’s a smart option for would-be law students.




As we begin to understand human behaviors and how the brain works more and more, we can then understand psychology in a more advanced way. You can work in clinical settings with a masters or doctorate if you wish to help those with mental illnesses or people suffering from substance misuse. A general psychology degree can open careers in many fields, some of which you wouldn’t have even thought of, such as social work, marketing, and advertisement.


Teacher Education

If you love working with adults or children and want to expand their knowledge, teaching is a great career to get into. Teachers will always be needed for schools, colleges and in prisons. If you want to help others and be the teacher that they remember even after school has finished, teaching can give you that memorable experience and sense of achievement that not all careers can.

Most of these degrees have earned the title of the most popular due to the constant need for more professionals, the opportunities to branch into specialties, and the personal rewards you can gain from the chosen career field. Whichever degree you choose, ensure it is one you are passionate about.