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Aussies clipped by Clintons? Allegations of fraud by Clinton Foundation for HIV/AIDS services in New Guinea reportedly sparks FBI interest

An Australian journalist, who is also a retired police detective, said he has been asked to provide the FBI with info and documents which suggest fraud and bid rigging by a top Australian official, for the Clinton Foundation, at the expense of Australia and possibly sufferers of HIV/AIDS.

“I have been asked to provide the FBI with further and better particulars …. regarding improper donations to the CF [Clinton Foundation] funded by Australian taxpayers,” Michael Smith told LifeZette.

Former President Bill Clinton, his wife, former Secretary of State, and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, and Alexander Downer, Australia’s high commissioner to the United Kingdom are mentioned as alleged co conspirators.
The FBI’s focus seems to be on what Smith purports he has in documents and other info regarding a 2006 MOU [memorandum of understanding] between the Australian government and the Clinton Foundation’s  “Clinton HIV/AIDs Initiative”.

Smith claims the Clinton Foundation illegally and improperly received a “$25 M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception”.

The deception Smith alleges was that Bill and Downer then Australia’s minister of foreign affairs conspired to get the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars by eliminating the competition for offering services to HIV/AIDS sufferers.

It was supposed to be an open bidding situation for the services requested by the Aussie government.

Smith says he has proof there was a “corrupt” backdating of advertisements. The crooked part he alleges was that Downer arranged to dishonestly “fulfill” the public tender law by advertising a $15 million contract was open to honest bidding to provide HIV/AIDS services in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Australian government when in actuality the deal was already crooked up behind the scenes for Clinton.

Allegedly, there was a secret agreement in place to give the deal to the Clinton Foundation and their associates.

It is not known how many HIV/AIDS sufferers were deprived of better, even life saving services because of the top heavy expenses the Clinton Foundation may have slaked off the top. It is not known at this juncture that, if the contract actually went to the best bidder, what additional services may have been provided to HIV/AIDS victims.

If Smith’s allegations are true, the Australian government was deprived of getting honest and competitive bidding for the services requested.

It appears that this was not the only instance when the Clintons allegedly scammed the Aussies.

Smith described a $10 million financial advantage dishonestly obtained in 2008, involving an MOU between the Australian government, the ‘Clinton Climate Initiative,’ and the “Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Inc.”