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Allegations linking Clinton Foundation & CIA corruption in New Zealand makes CIA whistleblower ‘a man without a country’

It’s not nice to mess around with the Clintons… or the CIA – ask Harmon Wilfred.

Wilfred, a CIA whistle blower, claims to be in possession of evidence and testimony against Bill and Hillary Clinton that could have significant influence on New Zealand foreign policy. Wilfred says the setting up of the Clinton Foundation occurred at the same time a CIA cartel opened a multi-billion dollar stream of covert funding.

Wilfred has been living in New Zealand since 2001. His wife Carolyn Dare Wilfred was with him.

Wilfred is literally ‘stateless,’ without travel documents, and unable to leave NZ since his request for political asylum was rejected in 2006.

In 2011, following a summit between NZ Prime Minister John Key and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Harmon was issued an unenforceable deportation order.

In September 2015, Carolyn Wilfred, with full prior-knowledge of Immigration New Zealand (INZ), left NZ to visit her daughter in Canada.

Without advance warning, and immediately upon her departure, INZ issued an all-ports ban on her reentry, even disallowing her to visit her husband; in-effect permanently separating the couple who are in their sixties, and married for 20 years.

They have been forcibly  parted now for 2 years, 5 months and counting.

Carolyn and Harmon Wilfred

On February 7, 2018 (with a new government in power), INZ rescinded the deportation order. However, INZ continues to insist that Carolyn remain in exile; and even though Harmon is stateless with no travel documents, he should leave New Zealand immediately and attempt an undocumented and unlawful entry into another country.

Charles Ortel, an investigative journalist specializing in financial fraud, has been investigating the Clintons and their Foundation for the past several years.

For Ortel, Harmon Wilfred’s knowledge of the ‘coincidental’ setting up of the Clinton Foundation at the same time a CIA/Clinton cartel opened must be fully investigated.

Jason Goodman hosted a YouTube interview “Lord of the Crime Rings” with Ortel interviewing Wilfred.

Ortel’s interview received over 40,000 views and counting.

The facts presented in the video may prove embarrassing for New Zealand. This broadcast might prompt the  NZ media and government to investigate.


Hillary Clinton (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call).

Wilfred says, “The information provided in the interview and on my documentary website www.luminadiem.com is just the tip of the iceberg.”

His more sensitive evidence cannot be publicly released due to national security, he says.

WIlfred claims that President Trump is the only person in the US government to whom he will trust to release the rest of his evidence… in person.

Please contact Wilfred at harmon@harmonwilfred.com to follow the money behind the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and all their actions.

Jason Goodman of “Crowd Source the Truth” has begun a series of exclusive interviews with Harmon and Carolyn Wilfred on his YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Cl9QaRtuW9CNjP7pP4BBQ/videos?view=0&shelf_id=1&sort=dd

 The first interview was Monday February 26th at 7 PM EST entitled “Harmon Wilfred: America’s First Refugee”. Two interviews have already been done “Lord of the Crime Rings” and “Truth or Dare” posted on Wilfred’s website. www.luminadiem.com

The rest of the series is scheduled to take place every Monday at 7PM EST. They will be posted in sequence as well as being available on Jason’s YouTube channel.

Does Harmon Wilfred possess information that might link the Clintons, the CIA and New Zealand in a light that some might describe as dishonest, self serving, and nefarious?

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  • Spread the word! I have watched Charles Ortel on Sunday with Charles for months now and the blatant corruption that surrounds the Clintons is proven with documents and facts. This cabal of grifters must be prosecuted for their crimes.