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America’s First Refugee: Harmon Wilfred still hounded after 18 years for exposing Clinton corruption

“Land of the Long Dark Cloud” is the third interview in the YouTube video series, “Harmon Wilfred: America’s First Refugee” broadcast live from New York on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource The Truth.

Featuring Harmon & Carolyn Dare Wilfred (of Dare Foods Limited, Canada), covering a pattern of abhorrent human rights abuses by Canada and New Zealand,this continuing series airs every Monday evening in New York at 7PM EST.

Land of the Long “Dark” Cloud

In the first twenty minutes, Harmon retells his experiences in a Canadian underground maximum security “dungeon” to explain why he will never be returning to either Canada or the USA without President Trump’s intervention to neutralize the Clinton/CIA cartel (US shadow government). This is despite Immigration NZ’s and the Ombudsman’s blandishments that this would be a way for him to be re-joined with his exiled wife, whom INZ has dutifully tethered in the CIA’s killing zone.

The remainder of the interview deals with the way in which the treatment that Harmon has received from successive New Zealand governments has mimicked, almost step by step, the abuse meted out to him and his family by the Canadian and USA governments.

 The story would suffice to make any Canadian or New Zealander feel ashamed of their country. This feeling of shame can only be reinforced by the fact that the Canadian and NZ media have not seen fit to bring the mechanics of the Wilfred’s persecution, or the reasons behind it, to the attention of their respective publics. Not only is this oppressive silence shameful, it is also cause for serious worry about the fragility of democracy in these two ‘proudly independent’ Commonwealth countries.

Harmon claims that everything he states in these YouTube interview series, and posted on his website www.luminadiem.com, can be supported by electronic evidence also supplemented and available as hard-copy supporting documents.

For those interested in helping Harmon or learning more, he can be contacted at harmon@harmonwilfred.com.