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Famed Royal Writer Charles Rae to do exclusive interviews of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Bespoke features from renowned Royal Correspondent Charles Rae

Interviewhub, a UK’ based resource for exclusive interview and features content, announced it secured the services of one of the UK’s most respected royal writers, Charles Rae, ahead of this year’s royal wedding.

Rae, who was extremely close to Princess Diana throughout many challenging times at the top table of the UK monarchy, served for over 20 years at News International, and joins Interviewhub as Royal Correspondent.

Interbviewhub works with dozens of leading celebrities and influencers each month to produce material for media outlets. In January 2018 Interviewhub placed content in 22 different countries.

Charles Rae

As Royal Correspondent, Rae is a good fit. He possesses unparalleled knowledge of the royals and their traditions. He also carries with him ‘insider’ information, and can cut through the pomp to produce sparkling, insightful and engaging stories.

With 18 years of royal reporting, he has a close relationship with leading royals.  Rae is also the author of The People’s Princess and The Queen Mum – Her First Hundred Years.

He is expected to create a series of exclusive features for various publications and we expect to see his work in such publications as MSN, Hello!, Tatler, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail and The SunBBC, and more.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Some of the topics of articles Rae may write are:

Who is In and Who is Out?
– The royal wedding invitees and the lead-up to the biggest event of the year.

Caught in the Act
– Saying goodbye to stage and screen, what the future really looks like for Meghan Markle.

A Place to Settle
– The 10 global locations that are significant to the royal family’s newest couple, from the chaos of LA to the wilds of Botswana.

Meeting Meghan
– Who is Meghan Markle? All you need to know about the latest member to join the royal family, including her strong regal ancestry in the form of Lord Hussey, who was executed by Henry VIII, Prince Harry’s 14th great grand uncle.

Third Time Lucky?
– Meghan is the third American who has tried to join the royal family, following Wallis Simpson and Koo Stark.

What’s in a Name?
– Her official title will be Princess Henry of Wales, but Meghan won’t really be a princess in her own right.

Money, Power and Poise
– The world’s new power couple, how Meghan is dragging the formal royals into the fashion world. How will they cope?

The legacy that Lives On
– Why Princess Diana would admire her son’s choice of bride.

England Expects
– The unwritten timeline and what lays in wait next for Harry and Meghan.

In the event that any of our readers/media outlets would care to commission an exclusive story about the Royals, contact Interviewhub to discuss your requirements.  You may wish to act quickly. Demand for Mr. Rae to produce bespoke and exclusive features is said to be high already. His calendar is filling up rapidly.

Interviewhub also provides exclusives photos to accompany their features.