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Green Shoot Media produces first-ever ‘Boating Guide’ for newspapers and online media

Each year, 74 million Americans take to the water in a boat for recreation.
This year Green Shoot Media – a content producer for print media – is publishing its first-ever Boating Guide. It looks at topics of interest to recreational boaters, from staying safe to protecting their boats with insurance to purchasing a new vessel.

Newspapers and online media can purchase the content and use it to fill space in their publications while attempting to make a profit by inviting  advertisers, in this case, such as marinas, sporting goods retailers, dockside restaurants and bars and even insurers onto the pages.

Those interested in how the media works might want to take a glance at it.
Boaters might also be interested in seeing a sample of the kind of content produced that newspapers might wish to buy to inform and entertain readers with an interest in boating.
Check out the sample PDF to see what it includes. If you want to order it, you can get instant access to download the content online here. Pictures are included.
Media that purchase the content are free to print it as-is, edit it, revise it totally, localize it, or not use it at all.
The cost of the guide is dependent on the circulation of the publication. For a newspaper with a circulation under 5,000, the cost is $119.
The same guide costs for a newspaper with a circulation over 200,000 – $599.
The guide includes 7 stories which are laid out in advance for a newspaper with photos.
The headlines for the 7 articles are:
Staying Safe on the Water
Buying a Boat
Find the Perfect Fishing Spot
Maintenance Tips
Is Your Boat Insured?
The Rules ofthe Water
Boating with Young Children
To see the guide, visit Green Shoot Boating Guide
Other content Green Shoot produces include:

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  • Hello. Where are the life jackets and engine cut off switches in these photos? Thank you.