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What to Look for in a Mental Health Electronic Health Records (EHR) Provider


When the EMR (electronic medical records) market first emerged, speciality medical providers had limited choices when it came to systems that met their specific needs. In many cases, professionals settled for medically-orientated EMRs that were not completely suited to meet their particular needs.

However, in recent years, speciality healthcare providers are now beginning to demand electronic medical record systems that are specifically designed with their needs in mind. In some cases, this involved creating EMRs that focus solely on one medical speciality.

The evolving EMR industry now has the ability to meet the needs of speciality medicine practices, so there is now a wide range of mental health EMR and behavioural health EMR software solutions to choose from. Some of the key differences to look out for with these speciality solutions include:

  • If the system offers electronic payment options
  • Does the solution offer both on-premise or solely cloud-based options
  • Whether or not the system supports financial functions

For most speciality medical practices, choosing the right mental health or behavioural EMR can be challenging, as it is often difficult to find one that meets all of your demands. You will find it easier to search for the best systems if you break down the process into two main steps. The first step will involve assessing your needs. If you are fully aware of your EMR requirements, then you are more likely to purchase software that offers a cost-effective solution.

The second step involves evaluating the list of potential vendors against your personal needs. At first glance, you may find it difficult to differentiate between different systems, but if you stick to your specific requirements, you’ll quickly be able to pinpoint which systems offer the right solutions. We have more info on how to find the best EMR software below.

What Type of EMR Do You Need?

One of the first things to consider when you are searching for an EMR provider is to determine the type of EMR you need. To help you determine the right system for your practice, you should start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How many physicians require access to the EMR?
  • Does your medical speciality require a custom system?
  • Would you be best working with an in-hour solution or subscribing to an EMR online?
  • Will a medically-focussed EMR meet your requirements, or will you need a behavioural health EMR?

SelectHub have some more info on the leading providers of EMR software which is worth reading about if you’re struggling to find a provider who suits your needs.

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What Do Your Clinicians Need?

Determining what your physicians need is a vital step in defining your specific EMR requirements. Just think, if your physicians are not comfortable with the system you install, it is not likely to offer any real benefit. It may be worth asking what types of functions and features your clinicians would like to see from a new system, as well as looking into systems that offer customization to their workflows.

Sadly, a number of practices do not take into consideration the opinion of their frontline staff, so end up purchasing software that can can’t or don’t use. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.