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Tillerson, The President And Kim Jung Un

The Right Side

By J. Gary DiLaura

FBI Retired

Obviously I don’t know any of these men, but before the Left starts demonizing the president, I want to put forth my take on Mr. Tillerson’s replacement.

The Secretary of States’ primary job is to carry out the president’s foreign policy. To perform that function, the president must have complete confidence that they are on the same page at all times, sort of “joined at the hip”, like Hillary and Obama were on Benghazi, the Russian “reset” button, the Clinton “money laundering” machine, the Clinton illegal, unauthorized, personal email server and socialism taking over America!

I believe the president has great respect and admiration for former Secretary of State Tillerson but recognized that if he, the president, is to make North Korea understand that he will not tolerate any violations of any nuclear agreement, he needs to have someone who is a little more like General Mattis, as the Secretary of State!

Get my meaning?

In other words, an ex military, trained killer! Someone who can say,” If you violate a nuclear agreement by continuing to make military grade uranium, we will completely destroy that site without any further notice”… zero tolerance, and make Kim Jong Un believe it!

Mr. Tillerson struck me, from the beginning, as a brilliant businessman, a man who reached great success by cordial compromise, and a more of a “gentle toughness” than a hard toughness.

I may be wrong but that’s my impression.

Whereas, I feel that General Mattis  and, apparently, Mr Pompeo, a West Point graduate with experience on the North-South Korean border, are more of a hardened  type of negotiator. For example, if I were Kim Jong Un and Gen Mattis told me there will be “zero tolerance” if you violate our agreement… it would bother me much more than if Mr Tillerson said that, and I never met either gentleman.

I believe that is what the President wants … needs… to convey to someone who he knows cannot be trusted “at all”: don’t f–k with America, rather than ,”Please don’t break our agreement”!

If General Mattis weren’t so indispensable in his current position, I believe the President would have had Mad Dog do the negotiating!

That is what I want, anyways, as an American, a trained killer negotiating with a known killer!

I have friends who have different beliefs and believe it or not, different political affiliations. We remain friends by not talking politics. The President doesn’t have that luxury with members of his staff! He has to believe in his path to protect America, hear his advisors, debate with them and then make his own decision based upon what benefits America the most, but not necessarily benefits his friendships.

That’s what a leader does!

By the way, who would you want to negotiate with Kim Jung Un, President Trump or “reset” Hillary?