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Son of Former Mexican Pres. Salinas throws sex trafficker/cult leader Raniere under the bus

Emiliano Salinas [l] Keith Raniere

Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, and head of NXIVM Mexico, has issued an official statement retracting and withdrawing support of Nxivm leader, Keith Raniere.

Raniere was arrested last week in Mexico and deported to the US where he faces US charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.

Emiliano Salinas is reportedly under investigation by the FBI in the Eastern District of New York, and is believed to have been a longtime co-conspirator with Raniere committing crimes of bulk cash smuggling and tax evasion both in Mexico and the USA.

Salinas interviews Raniere

Salinas is a citizen of Mexico and the US and a Harvard graduate.

Salinas heads NXIVM Mexico and today issued a statement to dissociate himself and his partner Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt from Raniere and the criminal proceedings he faces in the United States.

Salinas and Betancourt are both business and gay partners – although Salinas is married to sexpot Mexican-Polish actress Ludwika Paleta.

Salinas and Betancourt ran Nxivm Mexico under the personal direction of Raniere. 

Let’s be blunt: They are absolutely lying when they say “they did not know the accusations” – as Artvoice will prove – unless the FBI proves it first- which is likely.

There are records [which will be identified soon] that show Salinas and Betancourt and Raniere were intertwined in illegal businesses and in promoting sex trafficking operations in Mexico and the USA.

Salinas and Betancourt were particularly brutal in their coercive efforts to silence whistle blowers – including TV actress Catherine Oxenberg who was trying to save her daughter India from the brutal sex cult.

Salinas and Betancourt are far more guilty than Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg.

A simple question: Why would NXIVM Mexico be suing and threatening with criminal prosecution several US nationals – including escaped DOS slaves – who were either speaking out about the inhuman DOS branding and blackmail scheme, or trying to escape from the torturer Raniere?

Today is their day and tomorrow is tomorrow – so for now – without much further editorial comment, here are partners, Salinas and Betancourt’s statement throwing Raniere under the bus… 

But remember the bus goes both ways.. forwards and backwards.

Monday, April 2, 2018

To the employees and customers of ESP Mexico,

Raniere and Salinas. Salinas considered Raniere his mentor and leader.

In view of the various comments that have been disseminated through the media and social networks, we want to state that, as you yourselves have verified during our trajectory of more than 15 years, the methodology of “Rational Questioning” that we impart in Mexico , under the name Executive Success Program (ESP), is based entirely on respect for human rights and, of course, attached to all types of legal framework.

It is important to clarify that the managers of ESP Mexico had no prior knowledge of the allegations made against Mr. Keith Raniere, nor of the alleged illegal practices involving him. The philosophy of the courses of personal improvement with which we had contact and for which we decided to teach them in Mexico has always been based on basic principles of ethics and has always been in compliance with the law.

It should be noted that the standards and work guidelines that we developed in the country have allowed us to erect a portfolio of around 8 thousand clients; the former through the construction of a 100% Mexican company, owner of a license of use and whose operation and structure, as has been reiterated on several occasions, is totally independent from the American corporate NXIVM.

We are aware that the information coming from the United States, regarding the strictly personal situation of the creator of the ESP methodology, Keith Raniere, and regarding the irregularities that may have existed, forces us to take a greater distance as licensees and demarcate ourselves as ESP Mexico of all those practices that are currently under investigation.

At the same time, we inform you that we will redouble our efforts to ratify before you, and before the public in general, the attachment of the company ESP Mexico to the mentioned principles of legality and respect; a work towards which large communication and transparency efforts have already focused, and in which positive results have already been obtained.

ESP Mexico


Salinas embraces Raniere. Do these two look like they hardly know each other?

Now here are some pictures of NXIVM Mexico

Mexican NXIVM members dance before Keith Raniere
NXIVM members prepare for cult lessons.

Salinas left.

Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon opening up the Mexico NXIVM center. Betancourt [l] Salinas [R].

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  • Nos da gusto ver a Carlos Salinas en el escandalo y la crisis moral, con el hijo maricon en el culto de esclavidud sexual cuando vemos los vijos monumentos de Solidaridad, nos acordamos de tu mama…no tenemos solidaridad contigo, ahora que estas acabado, desprestigiado, enano asesino, pleon, orejon, odioso y miniperro malnacido…para que veas que ser presidente no es garantia de joder con todo el mundo toda la vida, se te pasaron las cucharadas, ahora tu hijo va a jugar domino con el Chapo, que se siente solo, necesita compania. Somos muchos los que te odiamos, hacemos fiesta con esta noticia, tambien la actiz de telenovelas que tienes de esclava sexual por toda una vida, se rie de tu desgracia, la familia de Colosoio, el que matastre y tu propia familia, los Masseau, te odian en secreto, las mismas putitas paleta te odian, desgraviaste sus vidas, eran putitas felices, ahora tiene que vivir con tu hijo maricon y sonreir…Calos, estamos de fiesta ahora es ti desgravia, tu turno. …perro mal nacido.

  • […] Emiliano is a member of Executive Success Programs known as NXIVM, a recruiting platform for a cult called “DOS” or “The Vow”. Women in this star-filled cult are forced into sexual slavery and branded, and as always the cult focuses on Mind Control techniques including but not limited to secret handshakes, special hand claps, and wearing different-colored sashes according to rank. Founder Keith Raniere aka Vanguard and associate Actress Allison Mack were arrested and indicted on federal charges related to DOS, including sex trafficking. Allison Mack is also fan of Marina Abromovich whos pedophelia and Luciferian rituals including cannibalism, child sacrifice and golem creation with friends Hillary and Bill Clinton we have exposed before. The name Vanguard was assumed by Raniere as it came from his favorite arcade game in which the destruction of one’s enemies increased one’s own power. The occult leaders are the ones who traffic children. Cult practices dictate pure blood sacrifices and snuff rituals of the innocent and pure which are children in order to obtain powers. […]

  • Apparently Mexico’s first son didn’t realize what a manipulative sexual abuser Keith Rainier was.

    Maybe. Or, perhaps, they did realize what a manipulative sexual abuser Keith Rainier was… but they simply didn’t care… because they didn’t think they would have to defend it.


  • I love how both Keith Raniere, himself, as well as those in charge of the Mexican headquarters claim they had no knowledge of these allegations. Nxivm posted a comment on their website months ago refuting the allegations and translated the statement into Spanish as well. Growing up in Clifton Park and Halfmoon, NY my entire life (as well as being a former classmate of Lauren Salzman), it is beyond disturbing that it has taken the celebrity mother of one of these brainwashed cult members to finally bring the actions of Raniere and his many followers/co-conspirators to the attention of the federal authorities as local authorities and public officials have been receiving payoffs to turn a blind eye for decades. That man should have been arrested for statutory rape numerous times and been on the registry for AT LEAST the past 30 years!!! It’s about time and I hope they all go down for their involvement.

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