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Seagram’s Heiress Clare Bronfman, expecting indictment for role in sex-slaver cult, retains former US Attorney Dennis Burke

By Frank Parlato

The current leader of the sex-slaver cult, Clare Bronfman, must fear she’s in trouble.

The 38-year-old Seagram’s heiress – who’s funded the criminal cult, NXIVM, for almost 18 years – has retained former United States Attorney for the District of Arizona – Dennis K. Burke.

Sources say Bronfman – despite her enormous wealth and history of  ‘buying indictments’ of enemies  – may be afraid she is going to be indicted.

Sources say, the FBI is aggressively investigating her role in NXIVM that has already seen cult leader Keith Raniere and actress Allison Mack arrested for sex trafficking and forced ,labor.

Bronfman participated in this as well as money laundering, wire fraud, coercion, extortion, perjury, foreign corrupt practices, tax evasion, bulk cash smuggling, kidnapping, identity theft and possible accessory to murder.

Can she muster enough money and political influence to buy off the Department of Justice?

Burke was an Obama appointee as United States Attorney for the District of Arizona. He was recently appointed to serve on the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee (AGAC) which advises Attorney General Jeff Sessions on policy, management, and operational issues at the DOJ.

Burke was a Senior Advisor to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano during Obama. These connections may help Clare get out of jail for immigration fraud.

In 2013, Burke partnered with Noah Kroloff, Mark Sullivan, David Aguilar, John Kaites and Jerry Reinsdorf to found Global Security and Innovative Strategies.  Check their names out on Google to get an idea of Burke’s pedigree.

Burke, who was appointed US Attorney in 2009, had a brief tenure because of his involvement in a CIA – ATF cover up operation called Fast and Furious.  On August 30, 2011, Burke resigned as US Attorney as a result of pressure being applied by Congress, in the wake of the scandal.

Project Gunrunner occurred within the ranks of the U.S. Justice Department, specifically the FBI and the ATF and resulted in investigations and multiple resignations with Burke’s resignation being the most senior of these.

Burke admitted leaking a sensitive document about federal agent John Dodson) who blew the whistle on the gunrunning operation in an attempt to coverup for the CIA.

Burke’s attorney, Lee Stein, in a 2011 letter to DOJ’s Office of Inspector General admitted Burke provided information to a reporter who was working on stories involving Fast and Furious.

The family of slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry charged that Burke,  lied to them about guns found at the murder scene in an attempt to hide the weapons’ connection to the ATF’s failed Fast and Furious gun sales operation. Terry was killed in December 2010, allegedly by Mexican bandits carrying at least two AK-47 semiautomatic rifles that had been sold to criminals by the Feds as part of Fast and Furious.

Burke took the fall for the illegal and horrifying CIA operation.

Their laughable cover story was that the operation was supposedly intended to catch drug lords using illegal weapons, but the ATF lost track of 1,700 firearms. Whoops.

Everyone on the inside knew the real plan was to sell guns and drugs to raise money for the CIA and ATF outside Congressional oversight. Too bad the guns killed a fed agent or they would have gone undiscovered.

The Terry family alleged Burke lied to them saying the two weapons were not part of Fast and Furious- when of course they were.  The liar was caught, but he was only doing what DOJ officials do when they are in coverup mode – lie.

The family made their allegations in a “notice of claim” stating they intended to sue the ATF and the DOJ for $25 million. They called the gun-tracking operation “abominable, reckless, nonsensical.”

Which it was. But the CIA and ATF has to get money under the table somehow, so selling drug lords guns is one fast and furious way to do it.

Burke, acting the part of a good little deep state creature, did his best to coverup the DOJ crimes and leak to the media selected documents against the whistle blower.

In 2013, Burke was criticized by the DOJ Inspector General for an inappropriate leak to Fox news. In 2014, the Arizona Bar Association reprimanded Dennis Burke.

He should have been disbarred. He should have been criminally charged.

You would have been. Instead he was given high honors as an advisor to the DOJ.

Like Bronfman, Dennis Burke is above the law and therefore represents a perfect choice for attorney for the wealthy Bronfman who intends to buy herself out of her litany of crimes – something easily done in America – depending on connections and the money to pay them.

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