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$40 Billion Isn’t Enough: Kirsten Gillibrand is Promising to Raise Your Taxes

Gillibrand demands NYers pay more so that non-working Americans can get more

New York, New York – “Read her lips — more than $40 billion isn’t enough; Kirsten Gillibrand wants you to pay even more taxes to the federal government.

“As she campaigns across America, in her thinly veiled run for president, Kirsten Gillibrand has been advancing the idea of a federal guaranteed jobs program. Today she proposed to pay for it by raising taxes again on New Yorkers. The proposal, ripped from the Socialist Party handbook, reads as if Kirsten Gillibrand missed the entirety of 20th century history that witnessed the triumph of capitalism over communism.

“It’s clear that Kirsten Gillibrand, the former Blue Dog Democrat, is now a full-fledged tax-and-spend liberal. New Yorkers already bear the highest tax burden of any state in the nation, sending over $40 billion dollars a year more to Washington then we get back.  Kirsten Gillibrand believes that isn’t enough. She believes working New Yorkers should pay more so that non-working Americans can get more.

“Kirsten Gillibrand wants to replace America’s safety net with a phony government guarantee for life — and she is going to tax you more to pay for the bill.”

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