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5 Media Company Logos Evolution in Recent Years

There are so many media and tech companies with impressive visual communication strategies and evolution case studies it might take weeks to see what’s behind all of them. Media company logo case studies usually hide impressive stories and lessons that graphic designers might learn from. Some of the visible changes to company logos are recent and can provide insights on techniques and branding elements that can make your logo even more appealing.

Media and tech companies are now visible in the online and offline environment, so the logo should have its own impact. If visual communication elements are independently successful, then the brand is also flourishing. We have compiled a list of 5 media company logo case studies which have gone through changes in recent years that might be interesting for both graphic designers and the public.


The internet giant has started in 1997 with a logo designed using a free online tool. The first adjustments to the logo were creative and every detail was considered. Specialized platform states that the Google logo has kept its consistency from 1997 to today in terms of color scheme. Even though the media company logo changed throughout the years, it kept its color scheme.

The Google logo has changed 6 times since then. The latest modification was planned and announced, and it came in September 2015. This is the last change of the media company’s logo. It is also the base for many interactive branding tools: Doodles, G favicon, and Google loading dots.


Facebook almost monopolized online social networks since its release in 2004. The brand has one of the most recognizable logos in the world especially to its users. Even though the brand is recent compared to others, it didn’t feature a spectacular logo in the beginning. Before developing as a brand, the network’s logo had a bold programming font writing for its first name [thefacebook]. The most essential and only change that the company logo has undergone happened in 2005, before it gained global fame and it became what it is today.

The Facebook logo from nowadays is straightforward and has a white writing on a blue background, in lowercase letters. In 2015, the designers slightly lightened the blue and removed the upper loop of the a. However, this was not a rebranding initiative.


AT&T has a long history in its field. It began in 1889 and had a relevant logo to those days. The company communicated through a logo which featured a white writing Long Distance Telephone inside a black bell. The logo had other 4 different versions throughout the years until the bell was finally removed.

A recent change to the AT&T logo also contains a strong branding message behind it. In 2005, the brand’s letters on the logo became lowercase to appeal to a younger public. The company cancelled this decision 10 years later and now it only features a blue-and-white. The brand’s logo now sends a message of versatility and ability to appeal to a new public, while keeping its loyal customers.


Microsoft was founded in 1975 and featured five different logos since then. The company only featured its name as a logo in distinctive styles until 2012. Its first logo only had a strong 1970s disco vibe with multiple-shades. The brand’s name visually became Microsoft since then but only featured a black bold writing on white background.

Microsoft has updated its logo in 2012 and hasn’t changed it since. The media company logo now features the brand’s name on a grey color and a font named Segoe. You may recognize the company’s four differently-colored squares in red – green – blue – yellow. The colors are slightly lighted to look more pleasant when seen on a small screen.


Yahoo! is one of the classic companies which almost monopolized internet technology throughout its existence. It compiles email, search, social media, news and video sharing in a single network. Yahoo! was acquired by Verizon last years and it allegedly will go through a rebranding process. The company constantly stylized its name as a logo throughout its history. The first Yahoo! logo version featured a brown joyful font with a black exclamation mark on a white background.

The most recent change from this media company logo’s evolution happened in 2013. The capitalized letters lost their bold and modernized the purple shade of the writing. However, changes are yet to come. So, the Yahoo! logo evolution is still in progress.

The Ongoing Media Company Logo Evolution

Brand communication is now more and more interactive, especially since many companies pay attention to all details and processes that clients go through. Brands occasionally consider adjusting their logos and visual elements to look more and more appealing to a fresh audience. So, the media company logo evolution is a never-ending process that many of us will witness.

Everyone can learn from logo changes that brands initiate by studying methods, reasons and messages. Learn how to grow your own brand from the big ones!

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