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Allison Mack now leading NXIVM branded sex slaves; slaves still on 24 hour ‘readiness’ under former Smallville actress

Allison Mack breaks into tears when Keith Raniere [l] says something to her.
With Keith Raniere [AKA Vanguard] in a federal prison in Oklahoma – awaiting transfer for arraignment in Brooklyn, Allison Mack has assumed command of the 40 or so remaining slaves in the vicious sex cult NXIVM.

Mack heads the subgroup of female slaves – she herself is their master – who were branded with hers and Raniere’s initials on their pubic region.

A source within the group told Artvoice that Mack continues to lead the women – including former Battlestar Gallactica star Nicki Clyne; India Oxenberg, the daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, and Lauren Salzman, daughter of NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman.

All Mack’s slaves must be on standby 24 hours per day and keep phones by their bedside in case they get a text from her. If they get a text, they must respond within 60 seconds or face punishment – which can include being paddled with a large wooden paddle on their naked buttocks.  Mack instituted corporal punishment to instill obedience among women prior to Raniere’s arrest.

The former Smallville TV star – who played wholesome Chloe Sullivan – revealed to insiders a dark and sinister side that is nothing like her TV persona.

Her bouts of jealousy over her master, Raniere – whom she calls Vanguard – has made some slave women terrified of her.

The FBI has hundreds of her emails – that show her to be manipulative and threatening to slaves. Mack is seen as deeply conflicted. On the one hand she orders attractive slaves to have sex with Raniere and at the same time appears deeply jealous of other women being favored by Raniere.

The slave cult is funded by Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman and Mack must kowtow to her since she controls the purse strings. Mack gave her entire fortune to Raniere – an estimated $8 million – after joining the sex slave cult.

But in the world of NXIVM slaves, Mack is the leader and slaves must obey. The slaves include an attorney, a physician, several teachers, a Mexican heiress, and a number of illegal aliens, among others.

Sources say Mack demanded graphic nude pictures of all the women and in turn gave graphic naked pictures of herself to Raniere back in 2011 as the price of beginning a sexual relationship with him. She also assigned her assets as ‘collateral’ in the event she  betrayed Raniere.

When she appeared in a rare TV acting role in the Following, Raniere, outraged, forced her to apologize to  NXIVM members since her portrayal he thought might reflect badly on her and him.

Mack, teary eyed, made a public apology to all NXIVM members and vowed before them to never to take an acting role not approved by Raniere.

Meanwhile, as Raniere is locked away in a maximum security prison, unable to make direct personal contact, the day-to -day duties of running a slave cult falls squarely on Mack.  One of the hardest task she is faced with, according to sources inside NXIVM, is keeping the women on Raniere’s strict 500-800 calorie per day diet and maintaining their 30 mile per week jogging regiment.

Raniere likes women rail thin and with him gone, sources say, some of the slaves are depressed, don’t want to jog and wish to eat more than the 800 maximum calorie diet allotted to slaves.

Mack and Raniere teach women that anything more than 800 calories per day means the slave is  “disintegrated” a term they use to describe someone who is not highly evolved. Mack has taught that a slave woman who eats 900 calories per day has “defiance issues.”

With all the publicity NXIVM received, recruitment of new slaves has been difficult, but Mack, along with Clyne and Oxenberg, seem undaunted and continue to command lower ranking slaves.

All three told insiders that Raniere is innocent and will be released soon – and that they are not in jeopardy of being arrested themselves – an opinion not shared by law enforcement. The DOJ filed papers with the court opposing Raniere getting bail claiming he is a danger to the community. Sources with knowledge of the case say Mack – who is named as co conspirator #1 in the criminal complaint against Raniere – is likely to be arrested in the coming weeks.


The brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.
Allison Mack with Kristin Kruek – also a former Smalville star at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. The women came for a secret NXIVM gathering – to learn the secret teachings of Keith Raniere.


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