Sex-trafficking financier, Clare Bronfman
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After Allison Mack, will sex trafficker, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman be indicted next?

  • Clare and Sara Bronfman’s structuring of the Ethical Science Foundation, and management of NXIVM are intertwined into the forced labor and human trafficking.
  • Clare Bronfman testified she ran the operations of NXIVM.
  • This doesn’t even broach money laundering and the numerous tax crimes the Bronfmans committed. 

On Friday, April 20, Federal authorities in the Eastern District of New York arrested “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, and released an indictment of both Mack and her guru-slavemaster, Keith Raniere, who was arrested last month in Mexico. Both have been charged with sex-trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and forced labor.

Less reported on to date is the money woman behind the scenes: Clare Bronfman, who federal authorities allege has been Raniere’s chief financier for decades, having lavished millions of dollars on Raniere, who regularly advocated for non-paying of income taxes, and sources say he has not filed a tax return in years. Federal authorities alleged in their complaint that Raniere considers himself a “renunciate.”

Clare Bronfman and her sister, Sara Bronfman, heiresses to the Seagram’s liquor fortune, have been steeped in the Raniere cult since the early 2000s, much to their father’s chagrin until he died. In the mid 2000s, Clare “entrusted” Raniere with over $65 million which he “lost” in the commodities market.

Bronfman’s brain-experimenting, “Ethical Science Foundation” was used to enslave women by depleting their funds for their “courses,” making them indebted to the cult, and susceptible to Raniere’s sexual demands. 

Bronfman testified back in 2011, in a lawsuit initiated by her against Russian contractor that she gained her money from her grandfather, and that she and her sister founded the Ethical Science Foundation, and that Clare managed it. Bronfman testified that part of her foundation’s mission was to “bring peace to Mexico,” because about “a third” of NXIVM was Mexican, and the Mexican members approached Raniere because they were “concerned…kidnapping had become more than just for the wealthy members of Mexico,” and that it was a regular occurrence that people were being kidnapped in Mexico. Clare testified that “at that point, my sister and I decided we wanted to help. We wanted to get involved and Keith Raniere, who’s the founder of NXIVM, created a nonviolent movement to help them stand up and go against the violence.”

Sources dispute the truth of Clare’s testimony, which has frequently been called into question. (Click here to read complete story on Clare Bronfman’s other instances of perjury).

Ironically, sources say Bronfman and Raniere used the foundation to enslave women, rather than to combat kidnapping.

Bronfman’s foundation was separately probed until last week, when the NY Attorney General’s office suspended its investigation out of deference to the pending federal investigation.

NXIVM, the for-profit company co-founded by Raniere and Bronfman, offered expensive courses to members, with costs ranging in the thousands of dollars for a a few days. Clare said of NXIVM’s courses in 2011 “We have several ways of…taking the curriculum. You can sort of take it on a weekly basis…the intensives are expensive.” Bronfman also testified that as of 2011, she was not only a board member of NXIVM, but “I run the operations.”

Bronfman will not likely be able to cast herself as an ignorant, passive investor in this “intellectual property” enterprise, known as NXIVM, completely oblivious to the illegality, forced labor, child sex trafficking, and other illegalities alleged while she also ran its operations.


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