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Chris Collins’ team shows vulnerability by seeking Green Party line

A message from McMurray for Congress:

No one would consider Chris Collins a likely Green Party candidate. The Green Party promotes environmentalism, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and consumer protection among other progressive ideals. Yet this November, Chris Collins is likely to be your Green Party candidate.

A known GOP operative and Collins’ associate has collected the signatures needed to put Collins on the Green Party line. This is problematic, not only because of Collins’ personal beliefs and record but because the Green Party prefers to be independent of the other major parties. Further, this type of “party snatching” is only legal in a handful of jurisdictions. Collins’ opponent in the 2018 election, Nate McMurray says of the matter,” The only reason he would do this is because he is feeling vulnerable. He knows we can beat him. He also knows he is misleading the public by resorting to these tricks.”

McMurray’s campaign has spoken to representatives of the Green Party. They are surprise and extremely disappointed by Collins’ deceptive behavior. Because of Collins’ actions, McMurray too will seek the Green Party line. McMurray says,” I respect the Green Party. That is why I did not try to break open their line. But because of Collins, I am grateful they will not oppose my efforts to seek the party line now.”

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  • Gotta wonder how Collins’ Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA) is doing in the House? This is his signature legislation aimed at his version of gun control – making it easier for those who shouldn’t have guns to get them! Last I saw he had about 17 co-sponsors in the House and no companion bill in the Senate!

  • Indicative of the character of our do-nothing representative. Don’t you have a primary to win, Mr. Collins? Or another post office to name?