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Did former Mexican president Carlos Salinas hand over NXIVM sexslaver Raniere to FBI – and deport him in record time?

Sources tell Artvoice that behind the sudden arrest and record fast deportation of Keith Raniere from Mexico on March 25, 2018, was the hidden hand of Carlos Salinas.

Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas [in green] pay tribute to their master Keith Raniere – during his 10 day birthday celebration.
The former Mexican president is widely believed to be the most powerful man in Mexico and of a murderous streak to boot. His son Emiliano and daughter Cecilia were longstanding stooges of Raniere and Papa Salinas may have just had enough of this maniac.

Within days of Raniere’s arrest, pressure was evidently put to bear on idiot son Emiliano to denounce Raniere, which he did. Young dunce-like Emiliano Salinas’- whose blind following of Raniere may actually wind up costing the PRI [Salinas’ party] the presidential election this summer – made a 180 turn about – after 17 years of total obedience to Raniere.

Ironies or ironies is that Emiliano Salinas was being touted as the next presidential candidate until the branding story broke. Raniere ruined his political future.

Great friends – Emiliano Salinas and Keith Raniere. But as soon as he was arrested, young Salinas denounced Raniere. Why?

So did Carlos Salinas cut a deal with US feds? And was that deal to turn over Raniere – maybe even help the FBI find him – tucked away as he was in Puerto Vallarta? in return for not arresting his son?

Time will tell?

Carlos Salinas has a high turnover in friends. One day he meets a guy and then he never sees him again…. And one day Raniere was in Mexico and the next day he was whisked away to the USA in handcuffs and shackles – never to see the light of day again.