McMurray’s Twitter booms despite Hollywood lies and false claims he doesn’t support 2nd Amendment

From the McMurray Campaign:

(LEWISTON, NY, April 6, 2018) In the last few weeks, congressional candidate Nate McMurray went from a few hundred followers on Twitter to nearly four thousand. And despite the claims by Chris Collins that McMurray does not have the “name recognition” to warrant a debate, McMurray now has even more followers on his campaign page than the Congressman.

McMurray says, “Of course Twitter does not equal votes. But I think Mr. Collins excuses for hiding from the public are thinning.”

Collins recently attacked a picture McMurray posted with popular comedian Michael Ian Black. He used the picture to call McMurray “Hollywood” and to incorrectly imply again, that McMurray wants to end the Second Amendment.

McMurray replied, “I have no idea why he thinks he can get away with just making things up. Of course I never wanted to repeal the second Amendment. I support the second Amendment. I’m an Eagle Scout. I’m the Supervisor of a Town with two gun ranges, which I have proudly visited on many occasions. If he thinks he can win by making things up and buying votes, he can’t.”


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