According to the Albany Times Union – a federal appeals court in Texas ordered NXIVM founder Keith Raniere to pay more than $444,000 in attorneys’ fees to AT&T and Microsoft.

Raniere claimed the companies stole his invention – teleconferencing and that he had patents.

A federal judge threw out the case last year, calling Raniere a liar and ordered Raniere to pay the companies’ legal fees. Raniere could not prove he owned the patents and lied like a Bronfman on the witness stand.

The judge said of Raniere, his testimony was ‘wholly incredible and untruthful.'”

The appellate decision was handed down as Raniere remains in the custody of U.S. marshals in an unrelated criminal case in which he is charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

Will Raniere be able to use the money he had stashed in Pam Caftritz’s name?

She died in 2016 but he was using her account along with Mariana Fernandez and Rosa Laura Junco.

Raniere had been also using an American Express credit card and Cafritz’s bank account has $8 million in it.

It is likely that account is suspended. It is not known if the Feds have moved to seize the money.

Meantime he seems to still have the notorious perjurer Clare Bronfman backing him. Whether she will pay the $444,000 fine remains to be seen. The fact is there is not much the courts can do if he doesn’t pay it and frankly he has bigger issues than a money judgment being filed against him.

Chances are AT&T and Microsoft can survive without the money.

If it seems implausible that Raniere invented teleconferencing then mislaid the patent, you’re not alone. That’s evidently what the judge thought too.