Investigative News NXIVM publishes in-depth story on Parlato helping bring down cult, origins

On April 12, published a story giving Frank Parlato, Jr., publisher of Frankreport, credit for his role in bringing down the sex-slave cult that for multiple decades has flourished under the noses of local law enforcement, notwithstanding the decades of registered complaints against the abusive cult.

Oxygen’s JB Nicholas’ article represents the first mainstream publication to take a hard look at the underlying facts involved in the 2015 indictment of Parlato, and to connect the dots on it to a long pattern of similar indictments and criminal complaints initiated by Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere and the cult against defectors, critics, and other cult victims, including Toni Natalie who spoke on the record with Nicholas.

Toni Natalie was quoted in the article giving Parlato credit for his role in bringing the cult down, stating that were it not for Parlato, “we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.” “Frank represents a voice,” “[h]e speaks our truth.” Coming from Toni, who is veteran critic and has withstood decades of abuse from the Raniere, and later Bronfman, and the cult, long after leaving it through malicious and vexatious litigation, this appears as high praise.

Nicholas delves into Parlato’s introduction to the cult, the work he did for it on the PR front, his initial impression of Raniere, Bronfman and other members present in Albany at the time. Nicholas also explores the underlying facts that gave rise to the civil and criminal litigation between Bronfman/Raniere and Parlato in 2008 regarding the Bronfmans’ botched real estate venture in Los Angeles.

Nicholas’ in-depth, CrimeTime feature is available here and if we do say so ourselves, it is worth the read and is superb.

Of course it helps when a veteran, first class reporter is the writer.