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Natalie makes report of Raniere hearing

By Toni Natalie

He was as arrogant and smug as always. Outside the courtroom, I heard the marshals unlock his chains. Catherine Oxenberg and I had seats on the bench in the front row.

And although the courtroom was full – mostly with media  – there were only two people in the courtroom he could see – Catherine Ozenberg and me.

He looked at us twice – gazed at me right in the eyes – twice. He did not look repentant.

He did not seem broken at all.  He did not speak to the judge except when asked to answer questions to which he said, “yes, your honor.” He’d lean forward and tried to pretend he was being sincere. That fake sincere tone he always has.

Looking across at the formidable prosecution team, he must have gotten a whiff of what he is up against. Maybe he is too arrogant to care.

Tonight I am told will be his first night in general population.

Inside, the courtroom I don’t think there were any NXIVM people. Other than a few victims – including Barbara Bouchey, all the rest were media.

Keith was clean shaven. His hair was messy. His hari was not short neither was it Jesus long. I would call it Charlie Manson long.