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Report: FBI Raided Slavecult Raniere’s “Sex lair”

The Albany Times Union reports the FBI has raided the Halfmoon, NY townhouse used by Raniere as his private “sex lair,” where an alleged victim has informed federal authorities that she was subjected to sexual encounters by Keith Raniere, aka “The Vanguard,” who was arrested in Mexico last week on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. Raniere is currently in federal custody and will be brought to the Eastern District of New York for further processing of his criminal case.

The townhouse, which was raided two days after his arrest, is believed to have been Raniere’s sex/rape pad for the last 15 years until his sudden flight to Mexico, preceding his arrest. Raniere reportedly referred to the sex lair  as”The Library.” Authorities claim that at the “Library,” “Jane Doe 1 became a victim of sex trafficking and forced labor.

For the complete Albany Times Union story, click here.

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  • Why isn’t this man hanging in the streets until his body stinks and the crows pick out his eyes, as an example to other insane cult leaders?