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Sex slave cult circulates letter claiming Feds, media got NXIVM leader Raniere all wrong

NXIVM President Nancy Salzman and other NXIVM leaders are circulating a letter they hope followers of Keith Raniere will sign.

The letter is intended to be forwarded to federal law enforcement officials who now have Raniere in custody.

Below is a copy of the NXIVM letter. If readers wish to sign it, print the letter and send to NXIVM, 455 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205. Make sure you get it notarized.

NXIVM supporters – though dwindling – say Keith Raniere is not the man that the media and the Feds says he is.



Negative things have been said over the past few months about Keith Raniere. For anyone who knows him and his work, these allegations are absolutely antithetical to his philosophy and values.

Many of us have seen him work tirelessly to create an education and community that fosters personal responsibility, compassion and humanitarian principles above all else.

Those of us who know him personally or have benefited from the programs and companies he has developed, have watched the media stories with disbelief. How is it possible that a man who has done so much good and improved the lives of so many be portrayed as a criminal before a
proper legal trial?

We have kept silent, maintaining the belief that the legal system would follow a just process and examine the evidence thoroughly without drawing conclusions or indicting a person’s character.

Sadly, we have seen justice corrupted by prejudice, lies and hate.

The media has great power to create impressions about people. Even when these impressions are false or fabricated, they can still influence how someone is treated and tried in our legal system. It is difficult to comprehend why such dishonor and hate would be directed towards a
peaceful man, but right now that is not our job. Our job is to set the record straight and see to it that justice is served, and honor and respect are restored in our justice system.

This is why today we have chosen to speak up and say:

I, _______________, have participated in programs and/or companies created by Keith Raniere and I have benefited tremendously from them. My experiences have been positive, and my life has been enriched as a result.

I, _______________, know Keith Raniere personally and I know him to be a good man, a man whose actions demonstrate a genuine care for people and their well-being. Anything contrary to that would go against everything he stands for.


_____________________ _________________________________ _____________
Name Address Date

Signature (to be signed in the presence of a notary public)


Reports from sources say that few have been willing to sign the above letter. Whether that is because the majority who have been asked to sign it do not wish to become involved or whether the reason is that they know it now to be a lie is not known presently.