Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas where he was arraigned.
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Vanguard Raniere’s “blow off taxes” advice taken to heart?

The NY Post reported back in 2011 that Keith Raniere, aka “The Vanguard,” who was arrested last week in Mexico and faces federal charges of sex trafficking and forced labor, allegedly advised his followers to go “off the grid.” As reported in the Post article, NXIVM and Raniere victim, Barbara Bouchey testified that “Raniere ‘felt the government was watching him [and] he needed to be careful” so he took “precautions to not have his name on things, not have a driver’s license.’ Raniere encouraged ‘a number of people [to] get off the grid, meaning not have a tax ID number, not to file their tax returns.’”

A public search of many of the Vanguard’s followers suggests that advice was taken to heart.

A search of online records for the Saratoga County Clerk’s office shows a number of longtime members of NXIVM, living in Clifton Park, have judgments for unpaid federal and state taxes.

Records show that two Executive Success Programs board members, Lauren Salzman, Vice President of Education and Karen Unterreiner, Vice President of Humanities have tax liens against them.

Lauren Salzman NYS Tax Lien: 2008: $1651.

Lauren Salzman Federal Tax Liens: 2017: $32,548.

Lauren Salzman Federal Tax Lien: 2011: $23,210


Karen Unterreiner State Tax Lien: 2000: $47,711

Other ESP High Rank have tax judgments.

The late Barbara Jeske and the late Pamela Cafrit, the only two people in ESP to have achieved the rank of Purple Sash, had tax judgments.

Pam Cafritz IRS lien: 2008: $17,721

Pam Cafritz NYS Tax Lien 2010: $15,721 [2002, 2003 tax years]

Pamela Cafritz NYS Tax Lien 2011 $15,786 [2003,3004 tax years]

Barbara Jeske IRS Tax Lein: 2008: $126,953

[First Select took a judgment against Ms. Jeske for an unpaid credit card: $6,606.

Barb Jeske Credit Card Judgment]

The sole Blue Sash in ESP is Edgar Boone.

Edgar Boone NYS Tax Lein 2014: $421

Dawn Morrison hold the rank of Green Sash.

Dawn Morrison IRS Tax Lien 2003: $13,243

Dawn Morrison IRS 2009: $8,066

Esther Chiappone Carlson holds the rank of Green Sash.

Esther Chiappone RAB Judment 2011: $18,192

Esther Chiappine Midland Funding Judgement 2013: $2157

Esther Chiappone Discover Judgment 2010 $8059

Kathy Russell is a coach and NXIVM bookkeeper.

Kathy Russell NYS Warrant Child Support 2007: $35,944

Kathy Russell NYS Tax Lien: 2013: $2830


Ben Myers works in TTT for ESP.

Ben Myers NYS Tax Lien: 2013: $906.

James Del Negro is an ESP teacher.

James Del Negro NYS Tax Lien

James Del Negro NYS Tax Lien

Allison Mack is coach and a leader of DOS

Allison Mack Judgment

Farouk Rojas is a coach and longtime member and recruiter.

Farouk Rojas Judgment

Michelle Hatchette is a DOS slave under Allison Mack

Michelle Hatchette Judgment

Ivy Nevaras cofounded Ultima with Keith Raniere and coauthored two books with him.

Ivy Nevaras NYS Tax Lien

Keith Raniere is the founder of ESP

Keith Raniere Household Bank Judgment

Keith Raniere NYS State Tax Lien

Keith Raniere Unpaid Student Loan

Keith Raniere Judgement 

Keith Raniere Judgment Notice First Select

Keith Raniere Home Owners Association Judgement

Keith Raniere Notice First Select Credit Card Judgment

Keith Raniere House Foreclosure Docs


Keith Raniere Mortgage Foreclosure Document

NXIVM is the corporation that operates Executive Success Programs

NXIVM judgment


Some of the liens and judgments were paid off, some remain unpaid.

Before starting NXIVM, Mr. Raniere ran a multilevel marketing firm that was investigated in several states.

The National Association of Attorneys General Consumer Protection Report, February 1993

Section: Financial and Investment Fraud; Pg. 20:

Attorney General Winston Bryant recently announced that his office has entered into a consent decree with Consumers’ Buyline Inc., [(Keith Raniere founder and President)], to settle charges that it operated an illegal pyramid under state law.
Under the settlement, the company agreed to pay $245,000 in attorneys’ fees and to offer refunds to consumers. According to the Attorney General, the company misrepresented the value of its services to prospective participants.
The company agreed, however, to alter its structure to prevent the possibility of consumers paying for the chance to recruit others into the alleged scheme.

In 1993, New York AG Robert Abrams ordered the firm, Consumers Buyline, shut down, calling it an “illegal pyramid scheme.”

It closed and Mr. Raniere went on to found Executive Success Programs, which is a life coaching company that teaches students the skills of success.

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