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Videos emerge on Allison Mack and her connection to sex slaver cult NXIVM

Here is a eerily prophetic video where Keith Raniere jokes about Allison Mack being featured in a negative light in the New York Times.

Allison Mack gave up acting based on Keith Raniere’s advice. She became a singer – a-Cappella style and then she graduated to a sex trafficker.

Listen to this and ask yourself – if she should have quit acting ?


More word salad from Raniere to a gullible Allison Mack.

Allison at the scene of Raniere’s arrest

Allison Mack with Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne — not Keith Raniere’s name on a banner behind the women.


Two interviews on Inside Edition explaining the Smallville connection to NXIVM.



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  • Allison needs to wake the hell up. Don’t place a man on a pedestal. Don’t treat a man like he’s some kind of God when he’s a monster who abuses, rapes and takes advantages of women. She needs to speak out to all her fans but she won’t as from what we’ve learned she’s living in some weird fear of this schlub of a rat.

    Time to end this crap Allison.
    Time to speak out or reap the consquences
    Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg aren’t any less guilty.

    Time to speak with the FEDS