Allison Mack officially a target of FBI investigation into sex trafficking
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Source: Allison Mack getting ‘De-programmed’ by Cult Buster Steve Hassan

A source close to the family of Allison Mack tells me that Allison is undergoing deprogramming by cult deprogrammer Steve Hassan. By all accounts she is resistant to his efforts and is fighting to stay loyal to her jailed slave master, Keith Raniere.
Allison who has been charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy is out on $5 million bond and under home arrest and living with her parents in California. She is forbidden contact with any NXIVM members.’s Sarah Berman’s interview with famous cult deprogrammer, Steve Hassan, raises interesting points. Berman is an excellent reporter who took the time to learn about the topic she writes about.

“There is a ‘Very Interesting’ tidbit in the Vice article where cult expert Steve Hassan is interviewed about NXIVM. Hassan says he has worked with ex-members. These ex-members report that they have no memory of their very first meeting with Keith. These are 2-4 hour meetings. Hassan thinks Keith used NLP. But I suspect hypnosis, based on Toni Natalie’s experience. Hypnosis is bad enough. But is it also possible that Keith pulled a “Bill Cosby” on them while they were “unconscious?” [i.e. used some kind of drug].

Hassan admitted to Berman that he is working with ex-NXIVM members. His profession forbids him to name who they are.  In fact, he might be working with a current NXIVM member – Allison Mack – who by the terms of her bail is forced away from contact with any NXIVM people past or present.  [Her Vanguard she cannot see or speak to for he in jail awaiting trial].

Mack may be unwillingly enduring deprogramming efforts as a condition imposed by her sadder but much wiser [and poorer] parents.

If this is true, Hassan may do much more than deprogram her. He might save her from years in prison. If Allison could discover a reality that her Vanguard was a selfish, despicable, brute who stole her life from her – she might be more inclined to support the cause of justice and assist the DOJ in their effort to get justice for the many victims of Raniere.

Allison seems to be in that twilight world of being part victim and part victimizer.  She hangs in the balance. That balance could tip toward or against her.  If she assisted the DOJ with honest information and forthright testimony, she might get a reasonable plea offer that could spare her a decade or more in prison. On the other hand if she goes into the night lying for Raniere to save him – as she has been taught or programmed, then I rather doubt she will be acquitted and the sentence will be harsh indeed. It may be 15 years or longer.

Let us pray for Allison and for Hassan.  From what I am told, Allison is a most brainwashed customer.


She would do the most vile evil for the man she believes is all -good Keith Raniere. Is she brainwashed?



The Daily Beast has a story about the Perennial Beast – Clare Bronfman.


Salinas Connection with Clinton?

A reader, Empty Wood writes — Mr Parlato, not sure if you are aware but this was released recently.

New Clinton state dept emails.  In it is a peculiar one between Doug Band (Clinton foundation) and Huma Abedin that mentions Salinas.
I thought of NXIVM immediately.  Anyway, hope it helps.


The Knife was a little sharp as it dug into Elon Musk.

Elon Musk’s crusade for media accountability lasted three whole days before he recommended a news site affiliated with a suspected sex cult.

Elon Musk Goes To War With the Media, Promotes Site With Alleged Sex Cult Ties

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  • […] Hassan on the other hand claims, “we can be programmed with specific mind control techniques and methods to shut off critical thinking, to have irrational fears or phobias implanted in our minds that take away our choices.” He uses his clinical work to try to raise self awareness in other former cult members by having them… […]

  • Your own article just said Mrs.Mack has psychological problems(by the way it’s called Stockholm Syndrome) that she is Non compos mentis, She won’t see the inside of prison at most she will be put into a psychiatric hospital until a time they feel she is no longer a threat herself or others, A good lawyer will plead her not guilty by mental disease or defect

    Also you said some of them can’t remember their first encounter Raniere look up PTSD(memory lost of the event can be a symptom) it don’t have to be as sinister as hypnosis

  • more clickbait, unresearched nonsense by frank. Guy is as bad as ketih

  • The story says that a source has identified Stave Hassan as Mack’s program counselor, but the rest of the article frames the headline as a speculative statement. This problematic reporting. The headline from Frank’s other side makes it clear that this is speculation.

  • Steve Hassan is not a deprogrammer. Steve Hassan is an exit counselor. He engages cult members in a voluntary process that shares information with the individual in order for them to be fully informed as they make their own decision to leave or stay with a controlling group.

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