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Best Vegas Shows of All Times

Las Vegas became an entertainment capital starting in the 1950s with its spectacular shows. One of the first headliners to enter this stage and own it was the legendary Frank Sinatra. The shows here are famous with excellent performance and astonishing decorations; it is an experience that no one can forget. Here are the most unforgettable performers of all time that starred in Vegas.

Top 10 Spectacular Shows of All Times

The best shows in Vegas have a long history of performances and visitors. Some of them are so legendary that they are still going and you can visit them while on your trip to this amazing city. offer the best price for the best Las Vegas show tickets for all current performances that are worth visiting. Here you can find comedy performances, concerts, tribute events, and magical illusions; there is something to everyone in this city.

  1. Frank Sinatra

This list must start with the legendary Frank Sinatra. He helped to turn Vegas into the spectacular place it is right now. His solo show opened in 1951 and soon became one of the most visited shows in the city. He performed in various amazing places and was hugely praised. These Vegas concerts and his film carrier in the 50s is what made his latter career so successful.

  1. Cher

If there is a queen of burlesque, it is Cher. Her performances in Vegas began in 1979 at Caesars Palace. She is known not only for unique vocals but also for her well-designed performances and fascinating fashion. Her concerts feature backup dances, change of costumes, comedy pieces. Cher’s concerts have been on for almost 40 years now, and they always feature new fascinating technologies, including 3D projections. She is truly one of a kind and one of the most praised performers of the entertainment capital.

  1. Elvis Presley

His first concerts started here in the late 50s, but they actually became an international phenomenon starting in 1969 when he was a mature performer. He performed in Vegas for 7 years in a row, and all his concerts were always sold-out, which makes him one of the most successful performers of all time. Almost half of the tourist that visited Vegas at that time visited Elvis shows to see his live performance. Elvis was and remains a rock-n-roll king till this day, and one can enjoy a great tribute show going on now in Vegas.

  1. Don Rickles

Don Rickles is a legend in the comedy world with his unforgettable style of insult comedy. He has been performing it since 1959 and up to his unfortunate death in 2017, when he still had future dates planned in Las Vegas. Vegas shows wouldn’t be what they are without a lot of edgy comedy, dark and even sometimes a bit of Rickles style insulting humor.

  1. Cirque Do Soleil

This world-famous circus was founded in 1984, which is hard to believe, taking into consideration its popularity. Their first ever Vegas show – Mystére, was launched in 1993 and became a huge hit. One will be glad to know that this legendary performance is still on, together with other 5 amazing Cirque Du Soleil shows. It is a magnificent action performance that shows the unbelievable grace of the human body.

  1. Siegfried and Roy

This is a famous duo that made Vegas a place for all magicians and magical performances. They started off by being a part of the New Frontier show in 1981 but soon became headliners of their own performances. They are known for splendid and unbelievable illusions and, of course, animal performances. Their show featured a great variety of exotic animals, including white lions and tigers. However, the show ended in 2003 due to an unfortunate incident when a tiger attacked Roy during the show. The performer survived, but the duo has retired since then.

  1. Liberace

He is a legend, the original king of flamboyance and camp, and in 1969 he was named one of the five highest-paid performers in show business. Liberace was a child prodigy with piano, but in his adult age, he shifted to more popular music, presenting amazing shows with fascinating melody. He is also known for his unbelievable costumes and performances on stage. His shows remain one of the most breathtaking and fabulous until this day.

  1. Lance Burton

Before David Copperfield became world-famous, there were and remain other splendid masters of magic in Vegas. Although his show closed in 2010 Lance Burton remains one of the most crowd-pleasing magicians of all time. He started his show in 1996 in Vegas and followed up with some TV specials. His performances were known for their amazing sets and fascinating illusions, like the disappearance of Corvette.

  1. Pen and Teller

This standout duo is known for their mix of magic and comedy and always deliver a great show for all the family. They are now performing at their own theater in Vegas and continue to thrill audiences with their amazing craft.

  1. Celine Dion

Her first Vegas show opened in 2003 and was an immediate big hit, despite the fact that the tickets were expensive. She has been performing continuously since then, with some pauses due to the illness and death of her husband. Her shows are considered to be the most successful solo performances in the history of Vegas since Elvis.


Vegas is known for the life-changing performances, and as some of them are not to be seen anymore, there are ones that tourists can still enjoy. Needless to say, there are many astonishing modern performances that will be once day included in the list of all times favorites.

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