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Manchester Heavyweights ‘San Pedro’ Release New EP ‘The Demon Sessions’

The Demon Sessions
Blindside Records
5 July 2019

San Pedro is the brainchild of Rikki Turner, ex lead singer of seminal Mancunian Electro/Indie band Paris Angels and more recently The New Southern Elektrik and The Hurt.

The name ‘San Pedro’ comes from Rikki’s love of Charles Bukowski, it’s where the late, great poet and writer passed away back in 1994, the project is a collaboration of creatives, musicians, poets, and artists.

The story so far has included vocalist Millie Macbean, Suddi Raval ( Together – Hardcore Uproar), Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall, The Stone Roses, Ian Brown), Keith Higgins, Justin Leonard,  Martin McClaren, poet Karl Hildebrandt and Antnee Egerton (The Winachi Tribe).

San Pedro, The Demon Sessions EP is set to be released by Blindside Records, July 5th.

Blindside Records, is an independent artist driven label set up by Rikki Turner and partner, creative director Kate M. Bennett.

Please note  ‘The View From The Drowning Pool’ may not be suitable for all stations, it features an expletive and ‘The Things You See’ (Winachi Remix) is the lead track for radio.

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