Madison Ave and 93rd St, Upper East Side, Manhattan. Photo- nyclovesnyc
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The Best Neighborhoods for NYC Artists to Live In

There may not be a better city in the world for budding artists to live, but some NYC neighborhoods are simply mainstays in the art community. Whether you want to live close to all the art callers on the West Side or be able to get to all of NYC’s amazing art museums, convenience, cost, nightlife, and safety are all going to factor into your end decision. Some artists living in NYC prefer lofts over penthouses as they like to work from their home-based studios. Then, there are artists who prefer a challenge, opting to transform entire guest suites into compact yet functional places to create. If you are interested in fully immersing yourself in the art world, check out these great neighborhoods for NYC artists to live in.

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1. Chelsea, Manhattan

Home of the School of Visual Arts, CUNY, and quite a few other well-known colleges, Chelsea, Manhattan, is located in a busy yet oddly quiet part of the city. Chelsea, Manhattan, has lots of smaller apartment buildings owned by individual landlords. This means that the units themselves will be older, but they also tend to be sunny and spacious. Chelsea, Manhattan, is within walking distance of 14th Street Station, where there is a park, a number of trendy restaurants, and of course, shopping galore. The rents in this part of the city are quite reasonable, but accommodations can be a bit dated.

Long Island City, photo Julienne Schaer of NYC & Company

2. Long Island City, Queens

In this part of NYC, art has literally become king. Long Island City, Queens, was once home to a bustling manufacturing and warehousing district. Only a short train ride away from Manhattan, Long Island City not only has loads of artists’ studios and other forms of housing for artists but dozens and dozens of art galleries as well. You can barely walk a block without encountering another huge, colorful mural, no doubt painted by a local resident artist. Do a search for furnished apartments NYC and quite a few results in Long Island City, Queens will appear.

South-Williamsburg-Photo- TripSavvy

3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a.k.a., the land of the hipsters, has been cool for as long as moving to New York and becoming a starving artist has been a ‘thing.’ After all these years, Williamsburg has remained a mainstay in the art world because of its affordability, peaceful neighborhood, and quirkiness. Williamsburg is unique in the fact that it is a highly walkable area. So, you can find a local neighborhood bar, walk to the nearest grocery store, and even do your laundry without needing to use public transportation. A lot of art students also live in the Williamsburg area, so residents have loads of opportunities to share ideas and get creative together during shared barbecues and house parties.

Madison Ave and 93rd St, Upper East Side, Manhattan. Photo- nyclovesnyc

4. Upper East Side, Manhattan

Close in proximity to Washington Heights, Central Park, the MoMa, and the Guggenheim, the Upper East Side in Manhattan is where some of the most seasoned artists in the world reside. There is a lot of prestige involved in simply having an address in the Upper East Side. Blueground, a leading furnished rental company, assists clients in the art world and other industries to find their ‘homes away from home’ If you are currently planning on staying in the city for a month or longer, you can easily find furnished apartments across different New York neighbourhoods on the Blueground website, each one complete with every single amenity you could ask for.

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn photo-Christopher Lee for the NYTimes

5. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

After the Barclay’s Center was built in the Downtown area of Brooklyn, many long-time residents were concerned that the neighborhood would change for the worse. Instead, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, has become more like an extension of Manhattan. First, the subways in Clinton Hill can take you to Lower Manhattan in less than 15 minutes. Then, there is the fact that Pratt Institute is nearby. Brooklyn has its own unique culture, as well as its own unique art scene. You are likely to find African-American based galleries,art shows, plays and performances in the Clinton Hill area. There is no better place to find furnished apartments, whether you are looking for a short or longer-term stay. Any apartment you find here will be spacious, recently renovated, and competitively priced.
Artists have various locations that are well suited to their needs in NYC. Even though it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, once you become better acquainted with your neighborhood, you will learn all of the money-saving tricks of the locals. Bodegas can be a great place to grocery shop and get a fresh made deli sandwich. And if you are feeling bored on a Friday night and don’t have anything to do, simply riding the subway can be an experience all its own. Regardless of whether you want to live in NYC permanently, or simply need a place to stay for a summer internship, learn all about the neighborhoods that are most inviting to art professionals ahead of time.

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  • Would artists ever consider moving to smaller cities like Stamford, CT? I’d love to have some more of that artistic energy here and have these artists reimagine living/work space here. It’s more affordable here to purchase or lease space here.

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