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Expert tips for Instagram e-commerce promotions

April 18, 2020

Instagram is continuously improving its services and features, as they look forward to a significant boost in their users’ community. And with this fact in mind, you might ask yourself how to use this social media asset to your business advantage. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered in this article. The first thing you can do is consider the help provided by such websites like SocialBoss. Secondly, you should do your best to implement the following expert tips for Instagram e-commerce promotions. Use hashtags to increase your engagement levels. 

Create wise captions

If you want to get Instagram followers you will need great story ideas. Instagram users will most likely scroll by a stuffed caption, as this platform is all about the visual cue. Hence, the first thing you can do to boost your account’s activity is to share highly qualitative visual content. Experts recommend that you only use a line of text with such content. As a result, you increase your chances of achieving engagement from users and even prompt them to complete a purchase. 

Use the zoom feature

Instagram is an interactive visual platform. This is why the zoom feature can do wonders for your brand awareness. Mainly, this tool lets you insert a link in your photo, which can be viewed only if a follower zooms in on it. And market data shows that most Instagram users preferred such approaches to the detriment of basic ads. 

Be honest and transparent

There is no need to heavy modify your visual content since this can have the opposite results. Instead, use a natural approach to all the content you share on Instagram with little to no editing. Experts say that users prefer such strategies, as they reveal something close to their reality. And as a result, they will be more likely to engage, share, or like your content. So, sincerity and transparency are the keys.

Remarketing is your ally

An interesting thing about both Facebook and Instagram is that it allows you to explore the segment of `abandoned shopping carts`. Indeed, there are plenty of online users who don’t complete a purchase and abandon their carts. But you can remind them about your products or services with posts that will specifically target their interests.

Stories can help you increase exposure

Instagram Stories can attract a lot of attention from both your existing followers and new audiences. So, you should do your best to post regularly on Stories, as that content will only be visible for up to 24 hours. And the best part about this feature is that it gets you access to a wide array of settings that will make your content even more attractive. Of course, you can always request some additional help concerning engagement, automatic likes, and followers’ database build-up with paid services. 

Don’t forget about unboxing

If your business sells products, you have a great advantage – Instagram unboxing. These are short videos that offer informational content for your audience. It is a great tool to reveal the newest releases for your brand.

Don’t forget about demographics

Instagram Insights offer valuable data about your audience. And demographics can help you a lot when it comes to boosting your audience and business revenues. You can use such data to access specific audiences that are more likely to complete a purchase.