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Stay at Home and Be Healthy in the Time of COVID-19

What you do to your body dictates how it can survive a pandemic like the COVID-19. It is because there is a direct correlation between your diet, workout, and lifestyle with your health. In this trying time, your actions will dictate either you will get sick or stay healthy.

According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus disease, more widely known as COVID-19, is an infectious disease that can make one experience mild to moderate respiratory illness. It spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. While others remain asymptomatic, a lot of people particularly those with underlying health problems experience severe symptoms. Fortunately, a rapid coronavirus test is on the horizon to get a fast and reliable test result. With a vaccine to follow soon.    

Say NO, Stay Healthy

While the vaccine to cure the COVID-19 has not yet been discovered, preventing and slowing  down its transmission is key to eliminating this virus. There is actually a lot that we can do about it. By being informed as to the disease it causes and how it spreads, you can protect yourself and loved ones. Aside from that, we also listed the things you need to say no to in order to stay healthy during a pandemic.

1. Say no to sedentary

A sedentary lifestyle is more often than not associated with increased risk for chronic disease and weak immune system. For this reason, physical activity is indeed important during the coronavirus pandemic. While you are asked to stay home to help prevent the spread of the virus, you should make the most of your time doing something for yourself. If you have been sedentary for almost all of your life, it is about time that you start changing your lifestyle for better health.

In all the physical activities that you do, always remember to take a rest – sleep. If you are short on sleep, you are more likely to catch a cold or other infectious disease. If you are well-rested after sleeping 6-8 hours, your immune system gets recharged and your level of stress hormones will be minimized.

2. Say no to stress

With the current pandemic, it is normal to feel stressed and anxious, especially knowing that there is no exact timeline as to when the cure for it will be discovered. However, it is important to note that you need to relieve your body from stress and anxiety as they both lower your immune response. Stress is a part of life and if you let it stay in your system for a long time, it can make you more vulnerable to illness, be it simple colds to serious diseases, and this is the last thing you would want to happen to you in times like this.

There are many ways to do that and one is exercise. As you work out, your brain releases chemicals such as but are not limited to serotonin and endorphins. These two not only reduce risks of depression and cognitive decline but also help improve one’s mood thereby easing away stress and anxiety. Clear your thoughts and be positive that this too shall pass.

3. Say no to sugar

Did you know that eating or drinking too much sugar can curb your immune system cells that are responsible for combating bacteria that get in your body? And did you know that such an effect could last a few hours after you gave in to your sweet cravings? So instead of binge-drinking or binge-eating on anything sweet just to make you feel good despite this world-wide problem, it is best to change your diet such that it will now include more fruits and vegetables that will definitely give you all the nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin C, that you need to keep your mind and body strong.

Since you do not have the luxury of time to go to the market to buy your food, make sure you stock on healthy foods that help boost your immune system. For instance, you can go for apples, berries, citrus fruits, kale, and shiitake. Do not be like the rest who go on panic buying. While it can be tempting or look practical to stock on canned and processed foods, remember that it is relevant to also see to it that you maintain a healthy diet for yourself and loved ones.

Be aware, beware

Do not let the COVID-19, or any virus, outsmart you. While it is really difficult to deal with something you can hardly see without a microscope, you must always remember that you can do many things to help end this pandemic. So in all the things that you do in the time of COVID-19, always be aware and beware. Also, you can read the full article here to find out more about the diets and workouts you can do to stay healthy while staying at home.

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  • It is very difficult to be active enough during a pandemic. We sit at home and some do not have a large space in the room, so to do sports becomes a difficult task. Moreover, more often than not, we are simply lazy to do exercises for 15 minutes. But I agree with you, it is important that we remain physically active and eat healthy foods. These are good tips, good luck!

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