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How to Write an Art Analysis Essay

Students ought to write various essay types and an analysis essay is one of them. Writing it, you should reveal your critical and analytical skills. You’re supposed to define the main point of the studied aspect, analyze and explain it to your readers. Oftentimes, students should write an art analysis essay that isn’t always easy to complete. Sometimes, students require several tips and recommendations on writing.

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Decide What to Analyze

Your first aim is to choose a topic for your art analysis essay. It’s supposed to be relevant and informative. Focus on a trend, which is interesting to the potential audience. You may choose the topics, which were discussed many times. Nonetheless, make sure you focus on something new that wasn’t noticed and discussed previously.

If you don’t have enough ideas to cover, surf the Internet. You’ll definitely find a great informative portal, which highlights the topics dedicated to arts, music, culture, etc. Using different news, facts, and useful articles, you’ll sufficiently enrich your knowledge and will offer your readers interesting issues. 

Let’s check several good ideas, which can be used as a topic in your art analysis essays:

  • Differences Between the Art of 20th and 21st Centuries.
  • Similarities of Architecture in Germany and the Czech Republic.
  • Art and Its Basis in Convention.
  • When Should People Begin to Paint to Become Masters?
  • Art as An Expression of Human Creativity.
  • Can Art Improve Our Creativity?
  • How Art Affects Human Cognition.
  • The Importance of Art for Cultural Growth.
  • Does Art Therapy Really Help Mentally Ill People?
  • How Rococo Affects the Equality of Women to Men.

You’re welcome to use any of these topics. Besides, you may use them as a basis to generate your own ideas. Analyze them to understand how to choose a winning topic.

It should be also mentioned that you may not be allowed to choose such topics. Your teacher may tell you to describe some masterpiece or assign it. Accordingly, your task becomes more difficult. You’ll have to figure out what a concrete piece means. You’ll have to pay attention to the slightest details because even a small element may have a hidden value. We’ll help to spot them here below.

What Things to Mention?

Any art paper differs from other disciplines. Many students don’t always understand what they are expected to find and highlight in their art essays. We’ll help them and will mention the most important elements of any masterpiece. These are as follows:

  • Lines;
  • Shapes;
  • Light and Its Value;
  • Colors;
  • Textures and Patterns;
  • Space;
  • Time and Motion.

It’s also important to give heed to the principles of design. These are unity, variety, balance, proportion, function, the relation between interior and exterior, and something of the kind. If you study at a school or college of arts, you surely know all these essentials. However, you’d better regularly remind yourself about them to never miss while you write art analysis essays.

Answer the Right Questions

Many students don’t know what to write about in their art analysis essays. They may see the picture big and its details, but they find it hard to disclose the main question. Therefore, it’s vital to know certain questions that must be answered in an art analysis essay. These are:

  • What genre is described in the picture?
  • Are the objects and scenes famous and recognizable?
  • Are people included and why?
  • What is the role of various details in the picture?
  • Does the artwork illustrate an action or story?
  • Is the movement present in the picture? How is it described?
  • Are there any abstract elements? What role do they play?
  • What does the picture tell us?
  • Is there any symbolic meaning and value of the piece and its elements?
  • What tone of voice does the picture have?
  • Does the piece provoke any emotional response?

Ask these and similar questions. Answering them, you’ll surely understand what the artwork tells us. Thus, you’ll know what to write about in your art analysis essay.

On Writing

After you outline the questions and spot the necessary elements of the piece, begin to write. Your analysis essay on arts consists of the introduction, main plot, and the conclusion. The purposes of these parts are well-known to every student. We only recommend writing a couple of drafts and checking them. Thus, you will identify some mistakes, inappropriate parts, etc. to fix them and avoid a loss of grades.

Don’t forget the tips provided in this article. They’ll surely help to write a great art analysis essay and receive the best grade. Seek some samples to learn more.

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