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How to Watch Netflix When in Europe

July 8, 2020

You know you love watching your favorite Netflix shows at home. You also love to travel and experience sights, sounds, food, and culture from various places around the world. When you do one of these things, you’d have to give up on the other right? Well, not exactly. The good news is you don’t have to miss a single episode of your favorite Netflix show, even if you are traveling overseas, like in Europe. You gotta love modern technology for giving you more freedom to do the things you want. Here, we’ll share tips on how you can watch Netflix shows when you are in Europe.

Using a Reliable VPN

There are a lot of virtual private network (VPN) services available on the internet, but you should select the one that can deliver what you really need. Watching Netflix like you’re just at home in the U.S. while being in Europe or any other foreign country can be possible with VPN bypassing geo-restricted streaming services. Tech review sites offer reliable tips, guides, and reviews for various technological developments such as VPN, and Opportunites Digitales offers expert evaluation and review of VPNs that can be used in Europe to access Netflix and other streaming sites. What you just need to remember when using VPN is to responsibly and lawfully use it for accessing resources from the internet. Different countries have different laws and policies when it comes to the use of VPN, but they generally allow having a VPN on your computer or device.

Using Smart DNS Proxy

Another way to stay up-to-date with the latest seasons of your favorite Netflix shows is by using a smart DNS proxy service. The service works in more or less the same way as VPN when it comes to changing your network settings to bypass geo-restricted content access. Instead of configuring your IP address, it works on changing your domain name system (DNS). In effect, it makes your access location look like a domestic or local one, so you can access Netflix conveniently. 

The advantage of this technology is it does not route your access data through an intermediary server between your computer or device and Netflix, making it faster. If you want to watch high-resolution content like 4K videos, using a smart DNS proxy is a good choice. 

Using a Netflix Video Downloader

It’s not just the change in your IP address and the geological restrictions that you will have to worry about when it comes to watching Netflix. Another problem is the quality of internet connection or worse, the lack of internet connection. Okay, we might also consider situations where you can’t afford to pay for a VPN service. The good news is even without a VPN, you can download your favorite Netflix shows in advance or when you have sufficient internet connection while in a foreign country. You just need to select, download, and install a reliable Netflix downloader app and paste the URL of the Netflix show you want to download. This is a pretty convenient solution to enjoying your favorite shows, especially if you are in areas with no internet connection or if you’re offline. 

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