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The Most Popular Strains of Cannabis That You Should Know

November 17, 2020


Many individuals ask what strains of cannabis they should try and use. Well, to be realistic, there are many types of strains, and every person has their own opinion about them. One type might make one person energized while the same type of strain might make another person dizzy. So, it all boils down to testing which one is perfect for you.

The best strain of cannabis is still debatable. But that does not mean that there are not those famous strains of cannabis every user should know and maybe try. There are many with different tastes and smells as well as origins. This article outlines some of the most popular strains of cannabis you ought to know. Choose the one you like.


People do not have a lot of information about AK-47. But it is surely one of the most popular strains of cannabis they should be aware of. You should not be fooled by the intense name, it is one good strain that will make you feel relaxed and happy. It has a sour scent and is also very sweet. AK-47 has won a lot of cannabis prizes all around the globe. Before trying it, ensure that you research and understand who the best sellers are and how much they sell. If they are across borders, make certain that they can ship it to your destination.

White Widow

This is a legendary strain, whose precise origin is yet to be discovered. It is almost impossible to understand the growth and weird effect of White Widow. It has a flavor that mixes hints of fruit and spices. It offers a lot of advantages, which include giving you a comforting thrill that is usually ideal for handling chronic pain. It also makes the user feel high and focused at the same time. Many online cannabis sellers have it in stock, and you can check it out to read more about its benefits.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a legendary strain from California that is known all over the world. Its magic is brought about by the mixture of various terpenes, which gives it a bitter and skunky aroma. Its flavor is fantastic, but the effects it has when used make it even more popular. It causes you to feel relaxed from head to toe and leaves you content. Among all other cannabis strains, OG Kush is probably what you need.


Whenever you want your indicas to act like indicas, the best strain to reach for is G13. It is an old strain that surrounds itself with a lot of tales about its origin. The most essential thing to note right now is that this type of cannabis strain comes with a lot of firepower.

It has high levels of THC. This makes the user feel relatively high but relaxed. It also has a sweet taste that will leave you craving more. Hence, some caution is given to users; do not be tempted to use more than recommended as it can be habit forming. Taking it once in a while is good especially when you feel fatigued and need to relax.

Wedding Cake

In this new era, Wedding Cake is one of the most legendary strains, all thanks to junky seed. It is named Wedding Cake due to its delicious and doughy flavor, which fills your mouth and leaves a great aftertaste. Its aroma is also strong. Although it is popular, you need to be careful when buying it to avoid being scammed by rogue online sellers. It has a twenty percent THC level, and because of this, the effects are intense, creating a floating feeling all over the body.

With these popular flavors, most people’s preferences and needs are taken care of. However, there are many more cannabis strains that you can check out and try.

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